Zetrix HellHound up to 90 gr in the hands of an amateur.

Hello, fellow hobbyists. So the 20 days have passed by, allotted to me for testing the Zetrix HellHound spinning, which according to the upper test is up to 90 grams. At first, these numbers scared me, but all the fears and doubts disappeared along with the first casts and the first wiring. I must say right away that it was not possible to catch it with a trophy, the maximum weight of the fish was about 2 kg (two pikes). During test fishing, I used large loads (I like to catch with overload), thereby managing to make more postings. He caught a promising place much faster and got more bites. Where the partner was fishing for 18 grams, I used 26g., Or even 32g.

The minimum that set 20g. Under ideal weather conditions, I didn’t feel touching the bottom with the bait in my hand, I controlled the wiring only by sagging the cord, but here I got bites. You can compare it with ice fishing when you have a short, rather rigid rod in your hands. Even three hundred gram gadgets makes the whole body tremble. Well, that’s exactly the bite of the test zander, you think. But there it was, again TTshnik. By the way, the rigidity of the rod helps very well when hooking. The maximum load weight on the test was 48g (two cheburashki 22 and 26g.) The casting is obtained beyond the far, but after the second shooting of the bait I refused the idea of ​​reaching the upper bar, my braid 0.12 from Sufix could not withstand such a load. I’ll tell you about the costs of all test fishing separately, at the end😭😭😭.

Extreme fishing was a real test for spinning, because he gave it to the mercy of his 8-year-old daughter, who recently often makes me company. The load delivered 26g. Of course, she did not feel the touch of the bottom, but still she caught her pike perch. What is very emotionally told dad in the video, in the process of fighting. I shot short videos, combined them into one and try (never upload) to attach to the report as an addition to the above.

Spinning is for me from a series of expensive rods. Its price is slightly more than 11000t.r. I will not be clever about the form, because anyway I do not understand them. The handle does not deliver inconvenience, fits well in the hand. EVA material is pleasant to the touch, but some easily soiled or not resistant to friction. In short EVA after 5 fishing is not quite black. I drew attention to the reel seat, the inscription Fuji is present, so do not deceive the manufacturer. The “nut” of fastening is slightly untwisted, but I still sin on my own hands and the manner of holding the spin during casting and wiring.

I didn’t take any landing net with me on purpose, to test it this way and lift all the caught fish into the boat with a spin except for two pikes which I calmly parked to the side of the boat, not paying any attention to the spin, or rather its position (they say some angle relative to the water is dangerous , the top may break) and took it with his hands. Although I noticed how the same Peters and large fish gets on board with a spin. But I still have the responsibility, I need to give two more good people to enjoy this product. I liked the design of this spinning rod, the red insert is just fire, it seems to indicate its belonging to expensive rods. Well, the PAL logo lurked around the top of the handle.

To summarize, I wanted to say the following. This spinning is a purely individual product for specific goals and objectives. It was created to fight against trophies, for fishing on the course where large loads and baits are used. And, of course, he needs a suitable reel with a cord of at least 0.18. I was not able to catch fish on the river (first exit), but was completely satisfied with fishing on the OBX in the company with test spinning.

I thought🤔, thought🤔 how and with what to compare this rod. But, for example, such a comparison, for example, a person had only Russian-made cars in operation, first Moskvich 2140, then Niva-Chevrolet (from the passenger compartment) and now Lada Largus (from the passenger compartment). He rides, rides such, serves in time, does not know grief (sometimes he hits either a tree or a pole). And here they give him for a month prepared for off-road Kruzak. You can ride it at least every day, but it delivers special pleasure on the road. Of course, a person is happy that he was given the opportunity to ride a miracle of technology, modern, reliable, passable. But what is it for me, the man thought. But the day will come and it will come in handy. Drive in the taiga, for a cone (passable, roomy), fishing, in hard to reach places. Here is an analogy that can be drawn between my spinning rods and Zetrix HellHound.

Well, now, as promised, about the costs, or rather about the losses:

1) gasoline per outboard engine 2 × 25 liters

2) 2t oil – 1liter

3) gasoline in the car 60-70 liters

4) lures + cargo + leashes not less than 15pcs

5) and the most – lost, or rather recessed sensor sounder Garmin GT-20.

The screw of the extension bracket extension was loosened. And all, goodbye sensor.

Well, like everything I wanted to say, said. Expressed his emotions and feelings about this rod. It was a pity to part with him. I hope for a while😊😊😊

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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