Winter fishing rotan. Part 1

Winter fishing rotan. Part 1After the establishment of strong ice in shallow water reservoirs, popularly called “puddles”, a very interesting and mining period of catching rotan begins. Fishing is not so difficult, but it happens more successfully when special baits are used. It also requires compliance with certain rules. There are reservoirs, such as a pond in the village of Polubarskoye (north of Sergiev Posad), where rotans grow to incredible sizes. We went there with one of my friends, and he, using the tactics of catching in a pair of holes, caught rotan even more than me. This tactic is that in different points attracted to the angler, two holes are drilled at a distance of 70-100 cm from each other. In one falls mormyshka baited with maggot, in the other – a small horizontal spoon, baited with a piece of chicken skin. Both fishing rods have lamellar nods that are adjusted to the weight of the bait and allow you to see the bite in time.

Since the rod with the horizontal lamb is lying on the ice motionless, you need to look at the nod more often, because large rotan sometimes pecks very cheekily and can easily pull the rod under the ice. Therefore, it is important to catch her in time. My friend constantly plays along with a fishing rod with a mormyshka. Fluctuations of the bait spread in the water and attract rotan to the place of fishing from different distances. Moreover, a pattern can be traced: smaller rotans are taken on the mormysk, and large ones come across to the lure. Horizontal baubles resembles a rotan fry, seizing large prey in its mouth. His instinct works, and he attacks this bait. Therefore, the spinner with its shape should resemble a fish.

In general, on a pond in Polubarsky, rotanas weighing 300-500 g are not uncommon, but it happens that they come under a kilogram. Chicken skin is good because I hooked it on a hook, and it hangs firmly, sometimes you catch half a day with the same bait. But local fishermen, instead of chicken skin, use a piece of chicken meat, they believe that it takes rotan to be larger. Of course, a piece of meat needs to be baited not excessively great, but appropriate to the size of the hook of the spoon. I myself use the tactics of drilling one hole in a particular spot. This allows me to move more mobilely around the reservoir and more quickly, as I believe, to get on the biting of large rotan, which is often the first to manifest itself in new holes. But the snap-on nod ukodka I use the same. Depending on the reservoir and the weather, rotan then reacts better to mormyshka, then to lures. Therefore, I alternately try both gears. Which begins to take better, the one in the future and use it.

And I don’t actively catch on the trolling, unlike my friend. constantly play along. Movement is very neat with a low amplitude, almost as if playing a mormyshkoy. Sometimes they provoke rotan more on a bite, generally sluggish twitching with a lure, practically without amplitude. The nod is chosen quite hard. What is a horizontal spinner? Her model is somewhat reminiscent of a boat with a very thickened aft. At the same time the front part is pointed, the back is dull. The hole into which the fishing line is passed for fastening is drilled in the thickened part of the hull with such an offset that when baited the hook with a rather massive sandpaper (or meat) the latter does not tilt the hook too much and, accordingly, will shine down all over.

The end of the fishing line passed through the hole is tied with a fishing knot on the forend of the hook No. 5-8. For ease of replacement, spinners can be made at the end of the fishing line loop and, passing it through the mounting hole, throw on the hook hook. There are also spinners in my set with a loop soldered to the thickened end of the spoon. The sizes of the models of spinners, which are at my disposal, vary within 20×6 mm – 30 × 9 mm. The model is made by filling the brass envelope with lead in a special form. In principle, it is possible to make a horizontal one from a domestic perch lure, if you correctly balance the lure on a fishing line due to a clearly calculated and drilled hole (instead of the regular one). Of course, such spinners do not have a large thickening at the end, which balances the bait, but with such options my friends caught rotan.

For fishing trolling do not need a thin fishing line. A monofilament with a diameter of 0.15-0.17 mm is quite suitable. Some use the thinnest braid, especially in places with a lot of hooks. With a braided line, there is a greater chance of retaining the bait if there is no unhook, although when catching rotan, uncoupling is often required. It should be noted that where there is a chance to catch rotan – a real giant, you need to experiment more often with horizontal trolling. From the experience of fishing, I know that larger fish come across it more often than on the mormyshka. Gutting rotan, even not too large, often find in their stomachs undigested small rotanchik. Where the food base has been fairly eaten up, rotan becomes cannibals, switching to feeding by their relatives, and the blender, as we have said, reminds them of a feeding fish.

Now about mormyshkami. Mormyshki I use a variety of, mostly medium-sized, such as "Uralka", "lentils", "pellet", "larva", etc. There are more catchy mormyshki some irregular shape, the so-called non-standard. Specializing only in perch or dwelling, you would have thrown such a bait, and here it turns out to be just right. Hook number 15-18. On it you need to plant from one to three maggots, depending on the activity of the bite. Very well established itself for catching different-sized rotan mormyshka, made from a used rifle cap. To make it yourself, you need to drill a small hole in the middle of the capsule, make a cut in any place in the side of the capsule, insert a hook with a long forend number 6 in it, so that the hook hook and hole coincide, and solder the hook hook to the capsule. Mormyshka ready.

I must say that horizontal baits and caps mormyshki, as well as mormyshki irregularly shaped, have proven themselves not only on the pond in Polubarsky. They showed their positive aspects when fishing on the Zhestovsky backwater, which is adjacent to the channel to them. Lenin, and other reservoirs. The pattern of the intensity of a bite on a particular reservoir may be different. There are ponds, where rotan doesn’t need to search a lot, it finds itself immediately, and you move from the hole to the hole on the chosen patch. Sometimes he chooses koryazhnik or clean places, but near the thickets of dead algae. On flowing ponds, backwaters connected to a river or canal, lakes in which keys are beaten at the bottom, rotan can peck at any level of wiring.

author: Goryainov AG
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