Winter fishing on a taiga river.

I did not plan to publish this video, but now frost has come, for the next 2 weeks the temperature is 32 -40 and this is a forecast in the city, and what will happen outside of it?

We wanted to go fishing with friends on one little accessible but very cool river. But our path was blocked by streams that have not yet frozen, in some places the water is completely open, the ice is not thicker than 2 cm, the streams are shallow, the ice is 2 cm.Then there is an emptiness of 10 cm, and below there is a mushy peat bog that has not yet frozen, there is also a little snow and under the weight of the snowmobile, it will push through very thin ice. In this place they decided not to try to drive through, opened the map, found a detour, but there the picture is even worse, high birches and open water. Apparently it’s not our destiny to go fishing here. After spending 5 hours on the road and finding a way, we decided to pack up and go to another river nearby, although the river was not far away, but the road took another 1.5 hours. As a result, we drilled the first holes at about one o’clock in the afternoon, and on this river, at this time, the biting usually stops. The first hour on the river was accompanied by one short bite. After a bite, I finally found a place with bites.

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