Winter fishing for perch

Fishing for walleye in winter — lesson complex and skillful, it demands certain knowledge, skill and availability of a variety of devices. This article will address the main aspects of fishing for pike in the winter, from the selection of places, ending in different ways of fishing. For successful walleye fishing in winter, you should know some tricks to the behavior of this noble fish. This predator is valuable not only for fishermen, but also cooks, due to the fact that the meat of the pike is lean and contains almost no bones. The meat of the perch is very tasty, extremely helpful and gentle.

Meat walleye cook a lot of original dishes.Before Zander must be remembered that winter fishing for walleye will be different from fishing in the summer. If in the summer, flocks perch often live among the roots of trees and different roughnesses of the reservoir in the winter there to catch them not worth it.

In summer, flocks perch are not very activity, at a time when the winter walleye have to move constantly, perhaps this is one of the main differences when fishing for walleye in the winter. Usually fish such as walleye think twilight or night, so catching it makes more sense at this time. But in winter, pike are active in the daytime, and thus have a chance to catch him, not waiting for very much time.

The feature of perch is that it is a demersal fish, but often you can stumble upon a flock of perch from the ice surface during fishing. This is usually due to the fact that pike is a predatory fish, and knocking in a flock begins to hunt for small fish, often found near the surface of the water. Water this fish prefers clean, so exercise should catch in the appropriate places. You need to navigate the terrain, if possible, choose those places in the waters where the bottom is strewn with sand or pebbles.

In winter, when fishing for pike a chance to stumble upon a large specimen of pike-perch is not so big, as large fish often swim alone, or fall into winter hibernation. And in a state of suspended animation to catch fish is practically impossible, because it does not respond even on production.

It should be remembered that winter fishing for all predatory fish will be better to go for first and last ice, the perch in this case is no exception. It was during this period of time you need to start fishing. The need of pike-perch production is acute and for this reason, flocks perch begin to actively hunt for different prey.

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