Winding (backing) of fishing line for a spinning reel

Good afternoon.

Many anglers are faced with the need to reel, or backing, under a braided cord for a spinning reel. Each solves this problem in his own way – from special overlays to kapron threads. I believe that the best option is to use a fishing line of the same diameter as the braided cord. But, as a rule, fishing line is not at hand, and buying is expensive.

Somehow, by chance, I ended up in the "women's" department for embroidery in the store "handicrafts" and drew attention to the price tag with the name "fishing line for embroidery with beads." Under the price tag lay small spools of monofilament made of nylon (the same fishing line) Gamma in black and white, with diameters of 0.1mm, 0.12mm, 0.15mm and 0.2mm, 250m windings, each at a price of 45 rubles. (in Moscow) i.e. at the price of a bus ticket. I bought a few pieces, wound Daiwa on two coils – the result is excellent, there are no problems with winding.

You can find sellers by typing in Yandex the query "fishing line for embroidery with Gamma beads"

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