Why the need for an underwater camera for ice fishing?

Recently many shelves of fishing shops began to appear the most incredible gadgets which even to think it was impossible. Such modern devices can be attributed to an underwater camera for ice fishing.

The content of the article:

  • What camera underwater camera fishing?
  • Which camera for winter fishing to buy and what to pay attention?
  • Let’s try to figure out if this product is useful, or is it another toy for the fisherman, allowing to observe the reaction of fish to the bait, or even to record the whole process of biting, to further boast interesting moments with friends.

    The underwater device includes:

    • monitor – the display, you will see a picture of what is happening under the water;
    • sealed chamber;
    • the long cable is also hermetically sealed – designed to connection the camera and monitor.

    In most cases, near the camera there LEDs. Moreover, it also has its own pitfalls. When choosing to better account for the infrared LEDs rather than ordinary white, as the radiation of the first completely transparent, therefore less chance to scare away the fish.

    What camera underwater camera fishing?

    If we talk about the main advantages of the video devices in the first place is, of course, stream live events directly from the depth of the reservoir. In winter, also with underwater cameras and ice screws, you will be able to:

    • to find out whether in this area any “critter”;
    • to determine the depth and nature of bottom;
    • to see how fish react to your lure or bait. Also will see how that plays, or other bait;
    • to accurately determine the moment of hooking the fish;
    • to write it all down, to then save to your home collection, or to show your friends.

    Thus with this camera you will easily be able to determine the best place to catch, to choose the right bait and return home with their catch. Then, in the evening, at home — enjoy watching your own video, which depicted the process of fishing.

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