White predator in the pond

New searches for the white predator.

I continue, in spite of the weather conditions, to look for lobasty! This time the search took me, where would you think? To the pond! Yes Yes! It is to the pond.

Pond Reports: White Predator in the Pond

The whole feature of this city pond is that it is associated with one of the backwaters of the Moscow River and, as it turned out, this pond was chosen by chubs and asps of various sizes. Huge bars of silver and lobed monsters floated literally underfoot several times!

I was at this pond for the first time, and in general I learned about such a miracle almost by accident. Of course, I could not do without my constant “luck”, as soon as I collected my Maximus Neon Midory 622 SUL, a decent wind rose and I immediately postponed plans for small rolls later. A shaker went into battle and literally on the 2nd or 3rd posting, bringing the sway to the shore, I saw how 2 red-feathers rushed after him, but quickly turned around and scuttled back into the grass. In the first minutes of 30 such exits, he counted about 10, but the chub constantly only saw off the spoon and, coming close enough to me, immediately hid in the thicket.

After a while, I finally managed to pick up the wiring for the oscillator and now the first loby on the photoset! I straightened my spirits and thought that now it’s definitely trampling! And here it is … Pokolevok was not there for a long time.

Pond Reports: White Predator in the Pond

Constant point changes, several settings at each point, for changing the angles of wiring, constant sorting of heels and heels (the wind almost died down and became quite comfortable), but everything was in vain and only the chubs swimming underfoot, from the floor of the keel to the keel as if teasing me. Like, look, we are here, but we won’t eat your junk, we disdain!

Having reached an extremely convenient point, there was no interfering fence, I was already delighted and wanted to stay there longer, given that I almost immediately got a good, but idle bite. However, the weather again made its corrections and raised a very good wave on this small pond … I had to move to more comfortable places for fishing.

Pond Reports: White Predator in the Pond

This is where it started! Almost at every stage, a good hit, but it was not possible to hook … But perch began to hatch, which at least somehow made a difference in this fishing!

Pond Reports: White Predator in the Pond

Pond Reports: White Predator in the Pond

As a result, I got about 10-12 desired bites, with one realized, and caught several whales!

Of course, this pond deserves closer attention, only it’s better to take a wand a little more powerful, because if one of the local monsters sits, it will be difficult to lift it through the fence!)

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