White mushrooms. Where to pick mushrooms in the summer?

Porcini mushrooms Where to pick mushrooms in summer Summer has come the most mushroom season. On one of the warm summer days I went for porcini mushrooms. The weather was dry and the weather forecasters promised that it would be hot during the day .. I got to the mushroom place and I started searching for ceps. When going out to the forest for mushrooms, you should always take mosquito repellent, water, if you got out for the whole day, then go for food, you should always have matches and a small first-aid kit, a map of the area or in the smartphone’s phone navigator if there are any. You always need to remember and understand where and where you are going so as not to get lost in the forest.

In the process of mushroom hunting, I will tell you where to find porcini mushrooms in the summer, why there are always mushrooms in some places and there are none in other places, and you will learn how to quickly find mushroom places and in what area to look for mushrooms in the summer. Many people think that mushrooms grow only in the fall. This is a big mistake.

The mushroom season begins in late May and earlier and ends in late autumn in October and even November, depending on the weather. This time a quiet hunt was a success. Mushroom picking is very interesting especially for white ones. There are a lot of mushrooms in this mushroom season.


Amanda K. Benson

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