White fish on a leash in autumn

I discovered a new kind of fishing. Although maybe I just wanted to try something new. In short, the difficult Novolukoml brought me to a warm channel. A rumor reached me that they were catching a giant bleak there, and they were not fishing with a fishing rod, feeder or sbirulino, but with a spinning rod on a lead.

Well, without hesitation, I collected everything I needed, bought a couple of cans of maggot, a bit of bloodworm for every fireman, and in a couple of hours it was already near the state district power station. I tied the “ugly” version of the lead-in leader, loaded the ultralight stick, put a new braid Teuri X9 # 0.4. The leash itself, or rather several different options, was tied from fluorocarbon 0.11 – 0.13 on hooks number 16 – 18. A small weight of 3 grams, two maggots on the hook … And he drove to comb the water area. I was there for the first time, so where to look for the desired object, it seemed rather vague. Therefore, I started from the beginning of the canal, where it flows from the lake, and moved downstream …

Beginner Tips: White Fish on a Leash in Fall

In short, the upper half of the canal, the one that is colder, turned out to be completely dead on bleak … For half a day, I tortured only about five micrones. Then I met a local fisherwoman on the shore. He guided me in the right direction, said that they are fishing now mainly in the lower part of the channel, where the water is warmer. This, in principle, was logical, and I myself gradually moved there. I moved, looked around, and it became clear that I had to go here right away.

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There are fishermen, the bleak melts and jumps, in short, here it is, the elbow Eldorado. The next day, at ten o’clock, I arrived at the right place. The bites followed immediately on the first cast. The first five blends were very small, then a more or less fat one flew in. Then a perch sat down under the shore, and then a series of three roach. In short, it pecked on almost every cast. I tried to experiment with bait in order to somehow cut off a trifle, but to no avail. Well, too much bleak. So you just beat one by one and sort. For 4 hours the machine gun managed to sort out 53 bleaks, 9 roach and one perch. Then, to be honest, I just got bored. Filmed all this raskolbas on video. Coming soon on our YouTube channel.