Where to look and what to fish for pike in the fall?

Every experienced fisherman knows that in October, the pike starts biting, catching her at this time very easy, because it literally catches on any shiny lure. If you want something a little more extreme than fishing for carp on corn, the pike fishing in the fall is a true tale and fun for any man. But, unfortunately for the fishermen, this phenomenon lasts not very long, and replaced the October Zhora comes the calm. Pike caught getting worse and worse, the trophies we bring home, it becomes less, and the pleasure of fishing is greatly reduced. Going to divulge a few secrets to great fishing a pike, even late in the autumn, in the period when it is usually caught very bad.

Where to find pike in the fall?

First of all, you need to pay attention to places where the pike will be good to bite. In summer and especially in October, it does not matter, because then the pike is found on almost all areas of the reservoir, but later in the file changes. Pike – a fish of prey, and she lives where there is enough food – small fishes. A small fish with the onset of cold weather I try to live where there is at least sparse vegetation. To seek out such vegetable-Islands – and you can’t go wrong. And if you sit at the usual place on the beach, there will be no effect. Another detail – in the small lakes in the fall to catch a pike is easier than in large. Also a chance to catch a big pike is increased if you throw the bait close to the major snags or reeds.

Lures for pike

Great value for pike in the fall, as the carp has the bait. Pike will respond well to big, shiny lure, heavy enough that when you enter the water produce the characteristic splash. However, in order to get the desired effect and make the fish react to the bait, will have to work hard. Actively move your bait, then faster, then slower, sometimes allow the bait to be alone and just move through currents. This will help to attract more fish than if you just passively keep the bait in one place. Also do not forget about fishing for pike on the bypass leash.

It only highlights the observance of which will allow you to catch high even in late autumn, but there are things that every fisherman defines for himself. Some of you know where pike can be caught at any time of the year, some persistently uses only one kind of lures and have good results, then it is impossible to guess anything. Try them, experiment with lures, gruselle, sometimes catching fish, and maybe someday you will develop your own method of fishing for pike in late fall.

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