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Friends, recently one of Siberian fishes wrote to our mail with a request to publish a story about her joint fishing with her husband.

I recently realized that fishing really annoys me. Not by itself, but these worms escaping from the can in the refrigerator and traveling around the food. Or a forgotten bowl with maggots on the dining table. Honestly, I was hoping that this vacation would be away from all this, somewhere on the Mediterranean coast. But the coronavirus pandemic and the terrible exchange rate made overseas vacations this year unattainable.

After a long debate at the family council, it was decided to go somewhere near Astrakhan. So we planned to kill three birds with one stone: to give my husband an unforgettable bite, I – rest in pleasant conditions in the lap of nature, and send the child to the cottage to her bored grandmother.

Caught a fish!

Inveterate fishing fans on the Volga say that in July, someone who is not afraid of the heat is resting here. During the day, even in the shade there is often a 50-degree heat! On the one hand, this causes difficulties in order to preserve the caught fish, and usually you have to cook it right away. They fish for the same reason in the early dawn. On the other hand, it was at this time that the obsessive midge almost disappeared, and by the end of the month mosquitoes also disappeared. Water in Akhtuba becomes like fresh milk, fruits and berries ripen in abundance. A great option for a city dweller tired of the metropolis!

In July, it is good to mine crucian carp and roach on the Volga. In the morning and in the evenings you can catch zander – with a spinning rod or with bottom tackle on live bait. Another predator, the catfish, is hunted all day. But the Sheresper can be watched at the height of summer only on distant castings, from 50 meters.

Many species of fish hide in flooded shrubs and trees, such as asp.

For night hunting, fishermen get out for the carp, and the lower the water level in Akhtuba, the better it bites. Well, if you want special trophies, some recommend going here closer to the end of July: the water level here drops to normal, and fishing on the rifts is a pleasure.

Even seasoned fishermen are amazed at the extensive flocks of sabrefish, large specimens of perches and asp. Fishing virtuosos manage to catch at the rifts of giant catfish 50 kilograms and above. My husband and I decided: this chance should not be missed!

The hype in the midst of summer

The husband was ready to immediately go to the mouth of the Volga River and sit there at the tent with a fishing rod for hours of meditation. For the rest of me, “wild” conditions are not enough for me, so I besieged the ardor of my husband with a number of requirements. A stable wi-fi network is required (how can it be without social networks and spontaneous work on a remote site?). Breakfast included is very welcome (a holiday by the stove is not a vacation). The presence of sports fields and various solutions for outdoor activities is a desirable but not mandatory item. If there are no conditions for sports, we will find another way to drive the kilograms gained on self-isolation. For example, by jogging in the vicinity. Let’s not forget about the July heat: during the day you will need to hide somewhere in the shade, slowly sipping a cool drink.

Having studied a popular site with a lot of recreation facilities, we realized that there are a lot of offers here. If you want – rent a place in Spartan conditions at an affordable price, if you want – relax with chic and all kinds of entertainments. By the way, some bases are already occupied “to the eyeballs” for almost the entire summer, but it is quite possible to find decent options for the weekend.

Choose wisely

First, we liked the anchor recreation center. This is in the village of Karaulnoye in the Astrakhan region. Judging by the photos and guest reviews, everything is very comfortable. The number of rooms is limited – only 14 rooms, and this is a big plus for lovers of silence and a few neighbors. The designer decoration of each room seemed original to me: unusual, tasteful, a lot of natural wood. On the one hand, everything around says that you are resting in the bosom of nature, and on the other hand, all the benefits of civilization are at hand.

Both fishermen and hunters will not be bored here. You can, for example, go to pheasants year-round in your own pheasantry base. All ammunition and gear are issued on the spot.

I almost saw how my husband and I rest after fishing at a tea ceremony in the Russian style or we sing karaoke by riding on ATVs. True, one would have to carve out an impressive amount from the family budget – from 18 thousand rubles in two nights. A longer vacation in this place after forced self-isolation is not yet available for our family here. Therefore, after further monitoring of the proposals, my husband and I settled on another option – the Zuid-west tourist club.

This recreation center is located in the Volga River Delta, on the island of Akkusinsky. Everything is sustained in the spirit of a Russian estate: lovely wooden houses, lush fragrant flower beds, well-groomed territory. There is a restaurant, you can take a steam bath, play billiards or book a river cruise. Cost for two nights – from 12 thousand rubles for two.

“Take it!” – said the spouse and went to pack his ammunition and a wobbler carefully prepared for the trip.

Well, I hastened to reserve the base: good offers are quickly taken apart, and you can’t miss the chance to have a great vacation this summer!

Amanda K. Benson

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