Where it is thin, but not torn.

Fishing with a microjig requires adhering to special principles, if earlier the line with a diameter of 0.10 millimeters was the minimum for me, now its reduction is an already established rule that dictates this direction of fishing. Throwing away, minimizing windage and maximizing sensitivity, while maintaining resistance to external influences – these are the main functions of a modern braided cord. Just in time, a cord from Akkoi Mask Ultra 0.05 turned out to be, in fact, we will talk about it today.

The unwinding of 130 meters is quite enough for fishing with microjig and I am sure it will be enough for 2 seasons of active fishing for sure, unless of course your reel will not deflate. The declared breaking load is slightly more than two kilograms, which, as practice has shown, is true, in spite of the fact that I did not verify the diameter and tensile tests using measuring instruments.

Field trials began from the Zainsk reservoir, where my friends and I were catching perch. There were many stones and sharp shells at the bottom – a real test of the abrasive qualities of the cord. In addition to perches up to 200 grams, our lures often attacked the very same shells, the weight of which was often close to 500 grams. In order to tear them off the bottom, sometimes it was necessary to use the maximum break rate, if there were breaks, then the weak point was the flucarbon leash.

After the end of the spawning ban on spinning fishing, I continued to collect information about the Akkoi Mask Ultra line. Often there were thick perches up to 600, there were only two pikes, the rest gnawed the leash with their sharp teeth.

For almost a whole season of open water, the cord lost a little color, but for me personally, this criterion is not essential, since visual control has been preserved. Only once the Akkoi Mask Ultra 0.05 cord could not withstand the onslaught of a large fish – it was his own fault that he hesitated and did not relax the reel friction. Who it was remains a mystery, but it felt like a good trophy, which I somehow moved.

Summing up the results of using the TM Akkoi cord, I would like to note that, according to my observations, the quality exceeds the cost, so I boldly advise it to many friends and acquaintances, since I am completely sure of it, that’s all, All NCHNKh with respect Sergey Egoist! Where it is thin, but not torn.

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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