When it starts spawning pike

To get the best results from fishing, you need to consider the timing of spawning pike. The spawning is strongly influenced by the behavior of the predator. During spawning, and the fish is feeding, and catch her at this time is useless.

Prior to spawning and immediately after it passes the two waves Jora pike — if we can get at this time on the water, you can count on very good catches.

The contents

  • Characteristics of spawning
  • When spawning pike
  • Where pike spawn
  • When it begins to peck pike after spawning
  • Spawning ban
  • Selection of lures
  • Video of spawning pike

Characteristics of spawning

Pike is a solitary predator, and throughout the year individuals of this fish are kept separately. Each chooses his place for an ambush and protects him from other fish. Larger pike can push out small with a promising plot, where the chances to catch the prey with minimal effort highest. Spawning is the only time this fish is going to groups.

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Females pike begin to spawn in their fourth year, and in ponds with a good food supply where they quickly gain weight — already on the third. Males participate in spawning from the age of five years. First spawn the sword of the smallest pike, and big ones do it at the end of the spawning period.

One female, depending on size and age can produce from 17 000 to 220 000 eggs. Caviar pike is quite large, with a diameter of about 3 mm. It can stick to the algae and submerged bushes, but kept the bad and easily falls from them with shaking.

The eggs lose their stickiness within three days, after that they are on the bottom. On the egg development takes two weeks in cold water and from one to one and a half weeks, if its temperature is higher. At the end of this period of the eggs come larvae with a length of about 7 mm, which are on the abdomen bubble with nutrients.

When it dissolves, released from caviar of a pike moving to independent feeding. First, their main diet consists of small rakoobraznyethat float in the water column. Then fry pike pass to feeding by larvae of other fishes, which are also recently hatched from eggs.

When spawning pike

Pike spawn early. This usually occurs immediately after the melting of icewhen the water warms up to 3-5°C. In some reservoirs, this predator still spawns under the ice. Early spawning gives the pike the benefits.

By the time when most of the larvae of other fish emerging from eggs, newly-hatched pike has already reached the size of 1-1,5 see At the same time they can hunt the fry of other fish, most often their victims are carp. Thus, already in the first months of his life pike is an active predator.

Early spawning is of particular importance in stagnant water. In stagnant water the normal development of the pike caviar is possible only at high oxygen content in the bottom layer, where the eggs are located. As you increase the temperature of water the amount of oxygen in it decreases. Therefore, early spawning is necessary for the pike to her calf died after it had been swept away.

Where pike spawn

For spawning males and females pike out on the coastal shallow waters. This fish spawns at depths up to 1 m. Pike are harvested in small groups, one female was accompanied by about three males, who are kept constantly beside her.

A large female can have 7-8 males. Going to the water in the place where it is spawning, you can see the dorsal fins and backs of fishes, which appear above the surface.

A group of pike, consisting of one female and several males, constantly moving around the spawning grounds. The fish rubs against algae, submerged bushes and protruding from the ground roots, leaving them on the eggs. After completion of the laying of a pike lunge in different directions, accompanied by a loud splash. Immediately after spawning more small male can become a female victim, if will not have time to move away from her at a safe distance.

On reservoirs, where there are often discharges of water, caviar of a pike often die, if after changing the level it is on the shore. It happens in rivers and lakes, but in natural waters is much less common.

When it begins to peck pike after spawning

On recovery after spawning pike have from 3 to 7 days. After that it begins to feed actively, to restore power. If you do not lose this time, you can stay with a very good catch. Individuals who have liberated his belly from the eggs and milk, greedily grabbing the lure of any size — both small and large. This fishing after spawning differs from the pre-spawning fishing when you need to use smaller bait.

Choosing the time for spring fishing, you need to consider that pike goes to spawn unevenly. Also unevenly it recovers its activity upon its completion. Small individuals are beginning to fatten in a time when big pike are just beginning to spawn. Therefore, to determine the best time for fishing is quite difficult.

Spawning ban

It should be borne in mind that the law establishes bans on fishing during the spawning period of pike. Their conditions differ for every region, so before you go fishing, you need to familiarize yourself with the established rules. There are different types of bans:

  • a complete ban on fishing for pike;
  • the ban on fishing spinning reel ;
  • the ban on travel to travel around the pond in a boat;
  • the ban on movement around the pond in a boat with a motor and others.

These rules are introduced with the purpose of water conservation ponds, rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Provided for their violation of administrative and criminal liability. The penalty for violating the spawning of the ban is up to 300 000 rubles. Also, anglers who do not observe the spawning restrictions, can be assigned to compulsory or corrective work.

Many anglers consider the pre-spawning and feeding period posledeistvie the best time to hunt for pike. The predator at this time eagerly grabs any bait. But remember, the size of the pike population in the reservoir depends on how good will spawn.

Do not disturb pike during spawning. Also, if fishing takes place in late winter and early spring, it is better to release the fish, the belly of which is filled with eggs and cream, so she could participate in the spawning, because one female pike contains from a few dozen to a few hundred thousand eggs. Careful attitude to water bodies will help to keep the population of fish.

Selection of lures

Good results at catching of a pike before spawning can be achieved using lures with a length of 5 to 7 cm. It is better to pick up such baits which work at slow speeds the transaction.

  • Rapala Jointed Shadlength 6 cm, this bipartite Wobbler weighs 7 g. the immersion Depth of the bait is 1.2-1.8 m. the Lure has the original layout — the balsa core with a layer of plastic. Such a composition gives this Wobbler an interesting game. Jointed Shad works well on slow drawing, doing wide swings. During periods when the pike are active, it can be done quickly, and the bait has play from side to side, making spasmodic movements.
  • Salmo Hornet is one of the most popular lures in the lineup Salmo, which is popular among the anglers for 10 years. For pike before spawning, well suited to lures in length from 4 to 6 cm When posting this bait is very lively playing from side to side, mimicking the well fry. It is not equipped with a rattle, so will not scare even the passive pike.
  • Salmo Butcher — at a length of 5 cm floating version of this lure weighs 5 grams, and the version with neutral buoyancy — 7 g. during the open water season it is very popular among fans of fishing on ultralight, and in the spring are well suited for pike before spawning.

Spoon lures at this time usually do not bring good results. You can use turntables with the size of 3-4 rooms that are easy to make and are attractive to pike on slow posting, but they are less effective than lures. Another option is silicone baits up to a length of 7.5 cm on light jig-heads.

When pike spawn completed, the choice of lures is much broader. At this time, you can use lures up to 12 cm, and when hunting for trophy specimen up to 15 cm Active game of bait will not confuse the predator, who wants as soon as possible to recover after spawning.

  • Yo-Zuri L-Minnow — this lure weighs 7 grams at a length of 66 mm. Wobbler is far from sure flies when casting. The lure has a active own game and is suitable for uniform wiring, but best of all it attracts pike twiching. The lure is equipped with a noise system.
  • Jackal Smash Minnow is one of the best lures for pike in the spring from shore. With a length of 110 mm, this Wobbler weighs 18.8 g and deepens to 80 cm Lure has excellent flight qualities. This Wobbler has an active own the game, so for fishing it is possible to use uniform wiring. But the best results can be achieved using twitching with short breaks.
  • Owner Cultiva n Minnow Sashimi — with a length of 112 mm this lure weighs 21 grams and has a diving depth up to 1,5 m Wobbler good choice for hunting for trophy size pike. Thanks to the good balancing of the bait flies far and accurately, so it can be used for spring fishing in regions where at that time forbidden access to the water boats.

The size of the jig lures you can increase to 12.5 cm In the period poslenebesnogo Jora good working turntables up to 5 rooms and spoons with a length of 12 cm.

Video of spawning pike

How behaves the pike during the spawning season in the video below:

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