What weather is the best to catch fish

What weather is the best for fishing. In this video, I will share my observations as well as the experience of other anglers and tell you what kind of weather it is better to fish, how the air temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind and its direction, the phase of the moon and other changes affect the fish biting. Fishing is so interesting that it is almost impossible to predict its result, but you can try to do it, I recommend that all anglers keep an observation diary and write down in it on the day when you were fishing all your observations are the weather, water and air temperature, moon phase, atmospheric pressure , the strength of the wind and its direction of biting and their personal observations. All this greatly affects the biting of fish. So you will know in what weather it is better to fish and when there will be no bite at all. Float fishing is a very exciting hobby, especially roach fishing.

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