What is hair rigging for carp fishing and carp

Carp, especially large fish careful. And take it not so simple. But the correct tooling will ensure the good results of fishing. Hair montage is the best option for fishing on carp and carp, especially if we are talking about fish of trophy sizes. Make it is not difficult. Consider, what are the main features of hair snap, how to tie and what are the nuances that you should pay attention to.

The contents

  • What is the hair snap
  • Hair rigging for carp with their hands
    • Materials and tools
    • The choice of hook for fishing for carp “the hair”
    • The choice of material for hair. The length of the hair
    • Do you need a rubber tube to the hair snap
    • What tips to use hair accessories when fishing for carp and carp
    • How to stick bait
    • How to connect snap-in: step by step instructions
    • How to link a installation for fishing pop-up boilies
  • Features of fishing techniques on the hair
  • Common mistakes when fishing for carp and carp on the hair snap
  • Hair rigging for carp with their hands: video

What is the hair snap

Hair accessories – this installation, when fishing with which the bait is placed not on the hook , and on a special little harnessnext to it – hair.

If the fish takes the bait, it is inevitably drawn into the mouth and the hook, and then pinpoint. Hair equipment – installation number 1 for hunting for the carp and carp, which was invented in England in the last weight.

Today it is used by carpatica all over the world. Have the hair snap is undeniable advantagesthat explain its popularity and make it the best choice for hunting big fish.

  • Bait fixed to the hair very securely and does not fly when casting, even with long and power shots.
  • If the bait is impaled on the hook, there is a high probability that the carp or the carp prick about the point when to try it. After that, the fish can quickly spit out the nozzle and lose interest in it. In the case with hair accessories happens much less frequently.
  • Fish is very good pinpoint. The probability of empty bites are minimal. Often when using this installation occur samorodnitsky – hook bites into the lip of the carp when he tries to spit it out.
  • Hair montage is quite simple to manufacture. To make it, no need to use expensive materials or tools.
  • The stinger pierces his lower lip the carp or carp. The chance to seriously injure the fish is reduced to zero. This is an important time for all who catches according to the principle “catch and release”.

Have the hair snap and disadvantages.

  • This installation can also hook over grass, rocks and snags as the hook is fully opened. Therefore, when fishing in weedy and snag areas it is necessary either to use special versions of the snap-ins that are designed for fishing in such conditions, or be prepared for frequent hook.
  • The hook is from another leash, though very short, it increases the risk of zapotevanie and overlap.

Hair rigging for carp with their hands
Materials and tools

To mount the hair snap, you will need:

  • a monoscaffold, wicker or a special driver material for the manufacture of hair;
  • hook;
  • rubber sleeve, tube of silicone or soluble PVA tape for fixing hair to the shank;
  • a pair of scissors.

The choice of hook for fishing for carp “the hair”

Everyone has experienced carpatica has their favorite hooks, used more often. Should pay attention to the following options.

  • Short direct forearm and the sting, parallel with the forearm – is ideal for carp in the rivers and for fishing on pressed on the paysite.
  • With a long straight forearm and the sting, located parallel to it is a good option for fishing with sinking nozzles to clean from vegetation and debris sites.
  • With short straight shaft, tip angled inside – well suited for catching in difficult conditions, among the shells and grass, rocky areas.
  • With a curved short shank is better suited for fishing on the net sites. Reliably detect carp, but can inflict serious injury when the forced playing, that should be considered when fishing on a “catch and release”.
  • Elongated (Long Shank) – came in carp fishing of fly fishing. Very versatile and can be used in almost any situation. Well spotted fish as quickly turn around in her mouth.

The hook size to the hair snap, as always in fishing, it is necessary to pick up under the nozzle. In the case to handle the optimal size is one in which the distance from tsevja to a sting is equal to half the diameter of the bait. This rule should be followed in use of any other attachments rounded.

The choice of material for hair. The length of the hair

Softer than fishing line or driver material used for the manufacture of the hair, the less likely that they will scare cautious carp.

The lack of soft leashes that they are more entangled in the casts. Based on this, and should choose the best option for fishing in one or another situation.

To soft leash less entangled in the casts, it can be treated with a special gel like Kryston Superstiff. It makes the pedestrian material or braided hard, and after hitting in the water is dissolved.

Optimal stiffness posadochnogo material selected and the size of the nozzle. The smaller the bait, the more rigidity it needs to be.

The length of the hair depends directly on how well will podselitsya carp or carp, which is interested in the bait. If the hair is too short, the hook bites into the upper lip of the fish, sits in the corner of the lower or even flies out of her mouth while cutting. When excessive length of the hair, the snap-in will often get confused when casting. Also the hook often bites into the edge of the lower lip and poorly kept, accordingly, there is a lot of gatherings.

Help! Hair length depends on the specific form of hook and bait size. Pick up every hook and bait it better empirically. For starters, you can knit the hair so that the distance he is near to the hook edge of the nozzle to bend the hook ranged from 0.5 to 1 cm.

Not to change tooling each time, adjusting it to fit one or other dimension of the lure can be linked one stop the hair snap, and for different attachments to use stoppers of different sizes.

Do you need a rubber tube to the hair snap

A rubber sleeve or silicone tube over the hook put to of hair twisting around the forearm. As a result, after casting, the installation will fall on the bottom in the best way. In such a situation the probability that it will intersect the maximum.

On the other hand, due to the rubber tubing on the shank increase the chances of carp to go during a fight. If it is not used, the number of retirements will be less. You can replace the rubber sleeve or silicone tube, glue ribbon, which will ensure the correct position of the hair at the time of casting and immediately after the fall to the bottom, it will dissolve some time after falling into the water.

What tips to use hair accessories when fishing for carp and carp

The best tip for hunting the fish of medium and trophy size – boilies . This bait is pretty hard, so you put them on the hook is quite problematic. Hair installation suitable for fishing in the best way.

But you can use with this tooling and other baits:

  • corn ;
  • peas ;
  • boiled potatoes .

Help! A good option is to make sandwiches of the lures. For example, you can put on the hair grain corn, pea and another grain of corn.
How to stick bait

Boyle or other bait, skewer a mounting needle to hook onto the hook located on it, a loop at the end of the leash, and pull the hair through the bait. You then need to fix the hinge stopper and place Boyle close to him.

How to connect snap-in: step by step instructions

Simple and effective snap-in.

  • The first step is to take the material for the manufacture of a leash with the hair and cut 12-15 cm At the end you need to tie a small loop. It will accommodate a stopper.
  • The next step is to tie the hook. This should be done so as to obtain the optimal length of the hair. To bind a hook, you can use the knot knotless knot (literal translation – bezuslovnoi node).
  • Then you need to cut a piece of silicone tube with a length of about 6 mm and thread the leash on him.
  • To spread the silicone tube on the shank of the hook. In the following way.

Attention! Silicone tube should be placed on the forward section of the forearm of the hook approximately in the middle, not on the loop or poddevom.

  • The final step is to tie on the end of the leash opposite to that where the hook is, small mounting loop for attaching the swivel.

This hair snap is over. It only remains to check whether it is connected. To do this, position the snap on the edge of the palm and pull it. The hook must turn downwards and to pick from the bumps on the hand. This installation will work properly and is good to detect the fish.

How to link a installation for fishing pop-up boilies

Using Boyle floating along with the appropriate fittings, you can achieve better resultsthan a sinking lure on a standard installation of hair. Pop-UPS popular in the first place when fishing silted areas.

They do not sink into the viscous ground and because of that remain available for carp. But lately boilies floating baits often used when fishing on a hard bottom. The bait, which rises slightly above it, is much more likely to attract the attention of the carp.

A good montage for fishing pop-up can be done in the following way.

  • Need to cut 35 cm of flood material, and then cleaned from the shell end of length 12 cm.
  • To associate the leash a simple loop that will fix Boyle.
  • Using a needle to put on the hair to pop up Boyle or a few boilies. A good option is to use 2 baits.
  • To put on the leash up and place it on the shank. Adjust the length of the hair.
  • To start knitting hook bezuslovnym node.
  • 6-8 times to wrap the material around the drive pin of the forearm of the hook, and then pass it into the ring towards the tip.
  • Cut 10 cm of heat shrink tubing, impose on pedestrian material and to bring to the eye of the hook. Then hold the heat over steam. While it cools, you have to hold with one hand the hook and the other to pull the leash in the right direction to get the right angle.
  • In the result, the finished installation should look like the following.
  • On the opposite of the hair end of the leash need to tie a loop for attaching the snap to the main line.
  • So the installation was even more attractive, you can add it to the PVA bag. A leash is necessary to pass through it with a needle.

Features of fishing techniques on the hair

Often when fishing for carp and carp some used gear . Then the chances of a good catch increase considerably. When fishing with hair cutting as such is often not required, especially if you use a non-slip, and the deaf, the installation of the feeders. Carp, Boyle is trying to spit it out or is there another attachment that he decided to try himself stick the hook itself in his lower lip.

This, of course, need sharp hooks with chemical zatochka. They may not be cheap, better to give preference to products approved firms. And even using them, to be sure, we must still each time to perform the cutting after a take. Then it will take at least fish.

Common mistakes when fishing for carp and carp on the hair snap

One of the most frequent errors is a mismatch between hook size and bait. Many beginners do not pay attention to this point. To catch with a correctly chosen hook is still possible, but the percentage of bites will be less.

Another common, oshibka – use too short or too long hair. It also leads to a decrease in the percentage of successful sweeps, to reduce the likelihood of samorodnitsky and frequent gatherings.

The beginner is better to stick to standard recommendations for length hair in most situations. On wild waters where carp are caught very many, and paying students can experiment, making hair longer. In the result, the carp may start to bite more readily.

If the snap-in used metal itemsthat are susceptible to corrosion – for example, goods with ears not stainless steel – you need to keep in mind that rust can quickly ruin the drive pin material. At the next exit to the pond it may break off during the catching of carp after fishing if it was in contact with the wire, which gave the rust. To avoid unpleasant incidents, it is necessary to monitor and often to tie equipment.

Hair rigging for carp with their hands: video

Hair rigging for carp in the video below.

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