We catch a large pike on the river. Narova

Despite the fact that I spend a lot of time on paid reservoirs, I occasionally manage to get out to regular fishing behind our usual perches, pikes and zander. One such fishing, on the Narova River in the area where it flows into the Narva Reservoir, will be discussed in this report. Fishing in Narova itself is very interesting, it is not the first year that we have come here in late spring or early summer. Of course, if we talk about trophy fishing, namely these places are famous for the large pike, then in the fall the results are better. But now there is a real chance to meet with a crocodile. The pike has already spawned and is still actively eating, restoring strength. You can catch it with a jig from the riverbed, as well as wobblers in shallow watering and snags.

My partner Innokenty Baldin and I went to the base “Omut”, located 20 km from the Narva reservoir. In spring and summer, it seems to me that the river is more interesting for fish, but in autumn a stable bite is already observed in the reservoir, where the fish rolls for wintering. We left at night so that we had 2 full days of fishing in reserve.

Many on Narova catch trolling, but we prefer fishing with a classic jig. Since the river is already quite familiar, spot fishing in promising places brings good results. We took checked spinning rods from Maximus – Mescalito and Gravity with a dough up to 35g. Usually I catch on Narova with weights up to 20-22 grams, and spinning with dough up to 25 grams is enough for comfortable casting, but when catching fish more than 2 kg, fishing on such a rod causes problems – during the course the fish bends it very much. This time with fishing rods we clearly guessed, since the trophy pike was already waiting for us.

On the first day, Narova met us with low gray clouds, from which rain immediately charged. Periodically, he subsided, but not for long. It is important in this case to choose the right clothes – you have to sit on a wet bench – and even the highest quality membranes will get wet after a few hours. In this case, waders are a good solution, but we did not count on such prolonged rain, so we just had to wipe the “seat” with a dry cloth each time. But as usual, in everything you need to look for positive points. Real “pike” weather – fishing promised to be successful.

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Apprehension did not deceive us. In the first tested place, literally on the second cast, Mescalito bends into an arc – a good pike does not want to appear on the surface and makes us nervous. After several minutes of desperate resistance, we take the first pike to the landing net. The fish pulled 4.2 kg – an excellent result. She pecked a vibro-tail in the amount of 5 inches of natural colors with a load of 18 g. We decide to send her a little “grow up”, or maybe she will call mom?

Reports from water bodies: We catch a large pike on the river. Narova

We move to the next place – a few bites, but by. Vibro-tails of 4 – 5 inches work. On smaller bait – no bites. Another good pit – we catch several pikes from 1.5 to 2.5 kg from it. This is the average weight of the fish on the river, but it is a pleasure to fish it upstream from a depth of 5-6 meters.

We move to promising places, but mostly peckers weighing up to half a kilo peck. Mid day – maybe a big fish is waiting for the evening. We swim to the next interesting place. A fairly shallow bay with a rare water lily and a sharp dump in a pit with a depth of about 6 meters. Innocent says that during a fishing trip a week ago, someone actively splashed in the shallow water a week ago and also had a bite from the “give spinning” category. Well, try. Innocent makes a neat cast to the very edge of the edge – a few revolutions of the coil, hooking and … At first, we estimated the size of the fish as a true “treshka”, the resistance of the fish was relatively average, but it did not work out on the surface. In fact, the pike simply moved away from shallow water to a depth and dived into the pit. Then it became clear that on the other end of the cord is really a trophy instance. The expected weight of the fish jumped to 5-6 kg (or maybe even 7, it’s lucky), after 5 minutes of our jumping in the boat – the weight is already close to 8 kg. The border guards, who were passing by, on the hovercraft apparently did not notice the panic on our faces, or out of politeness we decided not to disturb us. When the fish first appeared on the surface, I realized that most likely it will be the largest fish that I will try to take in the net. Taking into account the creak of the “four” with our creak in our folding butterfly net, I was really scared. But the fish itself decided to give us a chance. She circled around the boat, periodically went into the depths, and when, after 15 minutes of fishing, we were able to bring her to the boat, she deftly jumped into the net. This beauty pulled 9.5 kg. (this is on condition that she has already spawned) and thereby Innokenty set his personal record.

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Reports from water bodies: We catch a large pike on the river. Narova

Reports from water bodies: We catch a large pike on the river. Narova

The “four” did not let us down, called my mother, as promised. But we have already begun to think about her grandmother. We revive the pike after the photo shoot and send it back to the water – seize stress with local bream. Fishing today, in fact, took place, and the thing is already moving towards evening. The weather has improved significantly, so tomorrow you could count on a light tan. It should be noted that since Narova is a river with a border regime, it is important to adhere to the established schedule for being on the water. By 7 o’clock in the evening you need to return to the base, otherwise you may have problems with the border service, which will clearly spoil the whole impression of fishing. Well, of course, do not violate the state border.

Reports from water bodies: We catch a large pike on the river. Narova

The next day, encouraged by yesterday’s success and excellent weather, we rushed for my grandmother. But, as they say, a little good. The river was completely silent – all the most checked places, and yesterday and those that we did not have time to check, did not bring any result. The only trophies were two small 200-300 grams of pike, one of them turning purple. Such a contrast may have been associated with a sharp change in the weather, and, of course, it would be worth trying to catch the coastal grass. But this time we didn’t plan such fishing and completely rested on a jig in the depths. We tried changing lures, changing the weight of the load, feeding, wiring – absolutely nothing.

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Reports from water bodies: We catch a large pike on the river. Narova

Toward the middle of the day, they decided not to torture the fish and themselves anymore and went towards the base. It cannot be said that on Narova a bite of a large fish is observed only in bad weather – several times, including in competitions, we caught well on quiet sunny days, as this time. In any case, the impression of fishing was simply awesome. Tackle did not disappoint, positive charge for several weeks in advance was received, a new entry appeared in the book of records. Thank you Narova and see you soon!