Unusual floodplain

Sometimes it’s quite difficult to predict what will happen to you on the next fishing trip. It seems that everything is going according to the usual plan, you will come, relax, catch ordinary fish, enjoy nature and go home again, but this does not always happen. The last trip to the floodplain is the best confirmation of this.

It began as usual with the desire to leave away from the bustle, relax after the difficult Russian Championship held on Volgograd land. Therefore, a small sunken was chosen as the exit point, connecting a rather large eric and the Volga into the flood. On it I once began to learn the basics of spinning and this place is interesting to me in its own way. Earlier, with my father, we often walked along him and drove pikes, perches and other predators to various baits, but now it turns out to do this not so often. And, interestingly, preferences on baits often changed on this pond, and catching something on the next trip today could just fly over.

Remembering that in the summer small baits mainly worked in the form of turntables, wobblers and hesitators, it was with them that I started to catch. The first bell of unusual fishing was the furious bite of a rudd on the sinking Luremax Garletta. I did not expect such fighting qualities from this little fish. And she spotted a tee in her mouth. What it was, and for what purpose it attacked, I did not understand.

Reports from Ponds: Unusual Floodplain

Then, having passed most of the reservoir through the windbreak, it turned out that the fish were not in the mood at all and she refused to peck. Only a couple of small spotted predators, probably the most impatient ones, looked at the wobbler and that was it, or I didn’t pick up the right bait at that time. Only returning to the beginning of the reservoir, putting a light jig head weighing three grams and a white sensor 2 ”, it was possible to stir fish at least somehow. Gradually I began to note a lot of idle bites, the exits of small squint. Every now and then they fueled interest in fishing. Here, between periodic bumps and contacts, a curious case occurred. All this lightweight snap with three grams decided to try a small catfish. Naturally, this became clear only after delivering it to the shore, and so I thought that a serious pike was taken, because the fish in the water did not give up at all and made swims on the friction clutch, sometimes in one direction or another, for a long time without appearing on the surface. Well with myself was exactly the twitching Anvil with a power reserve, because with the MJ kit, I think the fuss would have dragged on at all and could have ended not in my favor. And so, on a stick up to 18 grams with a live tip, you could see the wiring, and with serious fish there were chances to win.

Reports from Ponds: Unusual Floodplain

After the caught frog lover, everything calmed down and had to leave to move further along the floodplain in order to catch at least someone else. And again, once again after a long search, the fish behaved unusually. Pike up to a kilogram in weight and perch were found in a compact section of an extended reservoir, where the depth was about 1 meter and there were small shell spots at the bottom. At the same time, standard wobblers were completely ignored. All the eldorado was discovered at the moment when I put out again a white vibro-tail and a light head from hopelessness, as in the previous pond. Moreover, further parallel experiments with wobblers brought only very few pokes, and various predators willingly ate rubber on a light head. True, the exception was a small acid rattlin purchased on a trip to the World Cup in Africa.

Reports from Ponds: Unusual Floodplain

He had a good backwater perch and in addition to the rubber allowed me not to be bored for the rest of the fishing. True, the white sensor quickly ran out of sharp pike teeth, but out of everything that happened to him, it worked well but in carrot color, the fish simply rejected the crustaceans and other silicone products.

Reports from Ponds: Unusual Floodplain

This is how an unusual trip to the flood plain turned out. First, a rudd on a wobbler, then jigging with a twitching rod, a catfish in places where it was usually not there, and finally fishing from the shallow for active posting of a variety of fish with the next careful search of lures. How versatile can small ponds be. The amazing underwater world of the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain once again proved this. All good, and most importantly interesting fishing.

Reports from Ponds: Unusual Floodplain


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