Universal Shallow Wobbler Akara Hamster 60F

The Akara Hamster 60F wobbler is a very interesting lure. One appearance is already surprising and intriguing. In fact, it combines the behavior of a wobbler, a popper and a volker. It all depends on what kind of wiring to use.

If you simply evenly carry out the “Hamster”, and this is how the name of this wobbler is translated, then it begins to swing its sides very actively and wag its whole body. At the same time, sinking no more than 20 cm from the water surface. Neat jerks. The bait begins to write out the movements characteristic of the wolker, goes from side to side, leaving behind a “mustache” on the surface of the water. And it does it so clearly that the spinning player has the opportunity to hold the bait in small windows among the grass. Even very small ones. Well, and sharp jerks. Here Hamster reveals itself as a popper. Clear “squelches” and splashes in all directions. Any overgrown areas of water bodies with small windows or flooded grass, just barely reaching the surface, all this is an excellent testing ground for this wobbler. And he flies, by the way, very cool – far and aimed. Compact and light enough. In general, the “Hamster” is still a “rogue”. Difficult fishing conditions are for him. When fishing with surface lures, you need to be prepared for non-standard behavior of the predator and, as a result, for various options for positioning the lure at the time of the hook. A small but useful tip – choose a lure with a brightly colored back, this will make it easier for you control over it on the wiring.

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And it squishes, and splashes, and deepens, and wags, and prowls, whatever it does. The predator loves such, the more bright, noticeable from afar. the result will definitely be! Akara Hamster 60F 60 mm 10 g.