Unexpected Small River Trophy

I will remember this capture for a long time! That day I was in a car and had the opportunity to go around many different places in the familiar near Moscow river. Initially, the sight was done on a pike, I got a toothy tooth from the heart, which I will write about later, and there was half an hour left on the way back – I decided to check one asp point, and it worked!

In that place, the heavily overgrown riff expands, and grass streamers take their place in the water column, and in the near-surface layer you can catch. The course slows down, and it was this place that the chubs chose, and from time to time there appears a asp. Spinning with me was easy, just for catching on every little thing – Kosadaka Assault 198l with test 4-14. Coil – Shimano '16 Stradic 2500 with 0.6 m cord YGK x8.

The initial fishing of the point with micro-vibrations and rolls did not bring any results, and I decided to put a small Volker from Tsuribito – Pencil 47. Last time I caught a couple of chubs on it and had several outlets worthy of fish that I could not identify.

From the second cast, someone began to interest me in my top-driver, tried to bite several times, and as a result, got hooked. Initially, it seemed to me that some small fish had sat down, but then there was a jerk of just crazy power, since the friction clutch was weakened. Two or three seconds, and now 20 meters have been wound from the spool, and the engine rushes into the driftwood, without slowing down. Then a fish flies out onto a candle, shakes its head, and I see that it is a silver ingot of a small river, sheresperes. He managed to stop him a little by pressing the smoking spool with his fingers, but until the next descent to the water about 20 meters, for the coast is steep.

I had to run along the shore for him, so that there was a chance to take this asp. At one point, my opponent lay down to rest on a keg, and I thought that I could take it with a little blood, but it wasn’t there – he shook off one of the two small threes and stayed on only one pendant by the peel and again started to croc go back and forth ”©. The grass, which was just everywhere, made the situation very difficult, and each asp took every opportunity to go there. I brought him to the shore 7 or 8 times, but again and again, with powerful jerks, he wound a large length of cord and went either to the middle of the river or to a grass carpet near the shore.

I don’t know how he didn’t come down, but in the end I managed to bring him to the only possible place and take it! I was delighted with the capture, not only that I did not expect anything except pike on this fishing trip, I also got such emotions, setting a personal record for the river horse – 2200.

The guys who were fishing nearby on the shore took a picture of me, and the asp went on to grow further in its native element. In the same place I got another bite 7 on the same Pencil, realized a couple. I would love to go fishing yet, but time, unfortunately, was running out, so I had to leave, but leave in a good mood from successful fishing!

Water Reports: Unexpected Small River Trophy

Water Reports: Unexpected Small River Trophy

Water Reports: Unexpected Small River Trophy

Water Reports: Unexpected Small River Trophy


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