Two days chasing a river horse

He spent two days in search of a river horse …

On the first day in the morning I got a car at my disposal and was free to move. I thought about where to go for a long time, I didn’t want a pike at all, it was rumored that I didn’t take a chub of a normal size anywhere, so I poked my finger at a random place on the map and went in search of …

Spinning took a powerful and long-range – Black Hole Spirit 240, with a test of up to 15 grams, so that in which case, you can force the fish.

Reports from Ponds: Two days chasing a river horse

… And, here I am. Making his way along the forest path he noticed a place where no, no, but there were blows of white fish. I did not immediately find the desired setting, but the first exact cast on the Smith D-contact 50s splash on the twitch brought an excellent blow and powerful fish at that end, however, the friction clutch was pulled, and after 10 fights the tee on which the shepersper was holding could not stand it and broke … more from that place there was no bite, no matter how hard it was.

I’m moving to another point, the journey took about a mile and a half, there were even more surges here, and from time to time real 3+ horses turned out. An offensive gathering sits in my head, and thoughts about the possibility of rehabilitation.

From the approach I get a way out with a breaker, but the bastard fish missed the wobbler. What is it!

And then the situation repeats, a cunning asp saw me and refused to respond to any bait. Then I decided not to throw at all, but to give the place a rest for about 10 minutes, hiding behind a bush. At the next surge, I make an accurate throw of 30 meters, and I get the long-awaited bite. Asp was shown to be powerful, but was successfully parked by BH Spirit. 1,710 showed the scales, which means that the little fish has already succeeded, so I went for it!

Reports from Ponds: Two days chasing a river horse

Reports from Ponds: Two days chasing a river horse

Then he decided to ride to other places, and in the evening the plans were to return to the found point.

As a result, during the day there were only a few bites of chubs and pikes, and by evening the people pulled themselves up on asp rifts. Still, a day off, and the river flows near a fairly large city. Zherekh did not like this, he shut up, and stopped pecking, with only one exit to my 80th topwater a horse was marked for the whole evening.

The next day I decided to come to the same places. Almost instantly, I catch a “herring” over a burst a little over a pound and then silence follows.

I had to switch to another production. For a long time I tortured a river horse there, but still the D-Contact 50 did its job. A technical cast two meters further than the next surge, a couple of jerks and finally the long-awaited bite of a river silver ingot takes place! In terms of resistance, the asp behaved in a very adult way, but in the end it turned out to be small, but no less pleasant.

Reports from Ponds: Two days chasing a river horse

Reports from Ponds: Two days chasing a river horse

Reports from Ponds: Two days chasing a river horse

Reports from Ponds: Two days chasing a river horse

Reports from Ponds: Two days chasing a river horse

The predator ignored all my subsequent tricks, only one perch peeped at the turntable.

After these two sorties, I became very fond of asp fishing, and as long as the weather allows, I will try to catch such coveted sherespers, moreover I understood some important “tricks” that can help me in future “battles”.


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