Trophy fishing like in Yakutia!

We decided to visit the Mecca of spinningists, namely Edarma. Edarma is the bay of the Edarma River, which flows into the Angara River on the Boguchansky reservoir, about 80 km below Ust-Ilimsk along the Angara.

The Boguchansk Reservoir is the youngest reservoir; its filling began in 2012 and ended in 2015. For this reason, the entire channel pike, and these are monsters more than 10 kg, are now concentrated in the areas of the Angara flood. At the moment, the spill site is essentially a flooded forest with a depth of 2 to 4 meters, which makes adjustments to fishing.

The expedition was scheduled from 06/24/2020 to 06/27/2020, pre-attendance at the pass on the Tushama highway, as in the fire mode travel only through special passes. Although this pass can be obtained relatively easily in the administration of the Ust-Ilim region.

06/24/2020 at 7:00 we left Bratsk and without incident reached Ust-Ilimsk in 3 hours. We got the coveted pass and drove along the Tusham highway. A turnaround from the track about which local fishermen told us we naturally missed. As a result, we went straight to the stop in Edarma Bay. The road turned out to be 93 km long from the checkpoint. Of these, some killed asphalt, then the same slabs, then from 25 km to 35 km clay with ruts from timber trucks, then dry rolled clay and at the very end literally 2-3 km through the forest. A piece of road with a rut on dry land passed without problems, and after the rain you can not lightly smoke.

On the way, we met local fishermen who told us that in three days they caught five pikes per brother. Type does not bite! We decided: five – no longer empty.

Upon reaching the water, they saw that it was just a passage between the trees in the middle of the forest, a pair of packages for a landmark hung on the trees, but this is unlikely to save much because floating trees are constantly moving old trees fall into the water and landmarks are constantly changing. The general immediately took out the phone and began to write a track.

We jumped into the water and went downstream along the flooded coast, the first thing we decided to clog up with, but the first difficulties arose, the coast is a flooded dense forest, or a high steep bank. As a result, we walked 25 km along the coast and met local fishermen who showed us a place under the camp. We ourselves would never have found this place, since the entire coast is a monotonous, flooded forest with many invisible passages.

They posted a shmurdyak, a light snack and into battle. The very first cast of Sanchez and he takes a 5 kg trophy pike to the acid rotor from Herman. Sanchez immediately tried to take the pike under the gills, as I do. A pike digs into his finger. Sanchez begins to perform obscene tuna dance, General provides first aid, pike defeated! The general makes a cast and … perch a gram of 300-400. Well, the lads think: “Popper!” But it was not there…

After analyzing the situation and having a strategic meeting, we decided to go on the riverbed, since in the bays themselves there is a lot of forest that rots. Our strategy met the expectation, for 3 hours of evening fishing we caught 2 pikes from 5 kg and above. Everything was caught in acid; only one perch was caught. This is how the first day of our fishing went, or rather, it has not passed yet, after that there was a fish cleaning, dinner with the use of ginger tincture for preventive purposes.

If it weren’t for the funds from mosquitoes, midges and Pavlovsky’s gnats, mosquitoes would have eaten us even at dinner without ginger. The General learned about this tool from the Yakuts, they impregnate clumps with them, and as we have seen, it really works! Also, the manufacturer has suits in the form of nets. As the test showed in hot weather, the body does not sweat, mosquitoes do not fly up.

06/25/2020, we will rise at 4:30 in anticipation of trophy fishing, a quick breakfast and we decide to continue to check again yesterday’s strategy about fishing at the edge of the forest.

This immediately brought the result. From the very first casts Sanchez catches a trophy pike for 7-8 kg and again acid, General for 5.-6 kg. Next pecks another crocodile at the General. There is a long struggle and breakage of the leash, goodbye catchy baubles from Herman. Sanchez rescues a friend with a proven leash produced by our fellow Alci.

We understand that pike wagon, our strategy is successful. We begin to experiment with baits and try to look for perch. Sanchez decides to seduce the perch with a wobbler, the perch began to bite, but the pipewise size is 100-200 grams. At the same time, a couple of times we played the game “ride me a big turtle” (hook). As a result, Sanchez grabbed two perches at once on 1 kg, the General also perched 1 kg perch but came down. We plowed the district for another half an hour, but there were no more large perches and we went to the camp to clean fish and have lunch.

At the evening party, we decided to experiment, tried to catch the sunken islands, put different whales, there were a couple of pike exits, but the pike was not big and it was decided to return to our gardens and continue to catch perch. We left the capture of pike the next day. At the edge, the perch pleased with its bites, almost every cast and perch, but its size did not please. 100-200 grams. The general changed the baubles, put mepses, tried to catch on Pantuny, but these baubles were very heavy and almost every cast ended with a hook. As a result, he again switched to acid from Herman with a coloring under Pantun, and life got better. In our by-catch there were several pikes of 7-8 kg each, but since the goals were different, they allowed gatherings and a few pikes were released. Fortunately, the pike did not swallow deeply. On this second day of fishing is over. Upon returning, the navigator saved us again, there was a wave and the places have changed dramatically. Without a navigator we would have been looking for a camp for a long time.

By the way, we put all the fish offal in a bag and took it with us from the place of the camp. And then the owner of the taiga will come and punish!

The third day of fishing began. Again at 4:30 we will raise breakfast and go to battle! Immediately in the morning we decide to go to proven gardens. To reach the extreme point by the course, and back forward prospective places. Entering another cape we see a fashionable boat under a water cannon, men from the boat just caught a pike in appearance of 9-10 kg. We stop in the visibility of the boat and the General makes a cast … And here it is a bite! Spinning in an arc, a tightened friction clutches, a pike in a candle, a spinning bends like crazy, I pull it with both hands, I think a stick, reel, wattle, and a lead would have withstood. Pike drags the boat to the snags. A long struggle was crowned with success, the pike in the net. 10.5kg on board! From such a trophy of joy full pants, the goal of the expedition is achieved, the pike in the tank, but it does not fit and sticks out the tail.

And finally, Sanchez waited for his trophy! Here she is fishing luck! Spinning in an arc, a tightened friction clutters, the boat is already shaking, and it seemed to her … Fighting, fighting … Sanchez’s trophy looks 9-10 kg and it’s in the drain.

On this optimistic note, we decide that we have completed all the tasks, TROPHIES are caught, it’s time to go home … ..

Amanda K. Benson

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