Trophies of Augustus

The next boat trip turned out to be curious, I'll start everything in order. Early in the morning loading the boat and the engine I find that the anchor safely left with a friend. It's 4 a.m. and you need to decide something, either go to the pond, or look for an anchor rope, since there was still a small spare anchor. As a result, I found a rope closely resembling an anchor]]], which means that the planned trip to Kama will take place. This time I went alone, someone will say how you can boat 390 and a 4-stroke engine 9.9 one unload and vice versa. The answer here is simple, if you really want to, then anything is possible].

Upon arrival at Kama, he quickly pumped the boat, put the motor on the road. At the first point in the echo sounder I found good snags, twisted a little and decided to set up. He lowered the anchor, the course demolished a little, he decided to move a little. As soon as the rope started to break, there are simply no words …

There is only one option left: go to the old channel, which is a channel with a background depth of up to 8 meters. Based on the situation, it remains to catch the edge near the reeds. The first bite occurred on the dump itself on black foam, after a couple of seconds the pike came off, leaving powerful notches on the load. I caught the first fish two hours later on Sl-Remx, in the future I decided not to change it, because there were no other bites.

Bodies Reports: August Trophies

Bodies Reports: August Trophies

Towards evening I found an interesting site with a couple of good snags. On the next posting a powerful blow, a couple of minutes of struggle and the four in the net. Apparently here she is not alone, and after half an hour there is a little contact. I quickly exhaust and throw in the same direction, as soon as the bait passes an underwater obstacle, a neat bite occurs. After cutting, I did not understand that this was a fish, it seemed like an ordinary hook, but then the hook came to life. For about five minutes, the pike resisted and several times before the saver went under the boat, but Hektor managed to cope with powerful jerks of fish up to 21 grams.

Bodies Reports: August Trophies

Bodies Reports: August Trophies

Bodies Reports: August Trophies

Long time ago I didn’t catch such people, it’s uncomfortable for me to take pictures of myself, at least I grabbed a tripod, it’s much more handy with it. Here's an interesting fishing trip this time, despite the morning setbacks, you don’t have to give up and everything will work out! No tail for everyone and see you at the ponds !!!


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