Transparent tube for spinning leashes 15cm long.

Good afternoon.

I use leashes 15cm. I was looking for a cover for them. I did not find anything suitable and remembered about the IRWIN concrete drills that I was presented with 15 years ago. Each drill in a transparent case with a diameter of 11.5 mm, the length of the case depends on the length of the drill. Drills are now on sale. I bought a drill and got a "kinsurprise", two in one – a transparent tube for leashes and an excellent drill for dowels.

I cut the case body with a hacksaw for metal to a length of 180 mm, cut a thin sandpaper with a slice. Got a solid, unbreakable, transparent tube. The bottom is fixed, glued to the body tightly. The cap is put on and removed with effort from the body of the tube. Up to 7-8 leashes are placed in the tube.

For the manufacture of the tube, two drills from the Mesonry series are suitable:

1. Drill on concrete 8 x 150 x 200mm Mesonry IRWIN – 230rub.

2. Drill on concrete 10 x 150 x 200 mm Mesonry IRWIN – 290 rubles.

Prices March 2020 at

I draw attention to the websites of sellers, for some reason, there are photos of these drills without covers and not a word about covers. But they are.

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