Touched the nerves of the tentacles!

Touched the nerves of the tentacles!

What should I start with? And I'll start, perhaps, with the most pleasant!
After lunch, SMS arrived that I need to receive the package. I am a bullet there. New sticks came from Norstream. Well, of course, you need at least one to fish.

Finding a fishing partner was problematic …
On the way with shopping mall, I decide to drop by the director of the PresidentFish store for a cup of coffee.
We agreed with Edward on a joint fishing trip and discussed all the details on the spot.

We start at 5:00 in the morning. The weather let us down a bit, it was not raining heavily, but weather forecasters promised that it would be short-lived.
The Ob was more or less calm – did not have to jump much along the wave. The wind was moderate too.

In reconnaissance he took with him:

– Norstream Spiker 2 SPS2-822MH Jig Special + TEAM DRAGON FD 1035 IX reel.

– Norstream Experience EXS-822MH + Okuma EPIXOR xt 55M reel.

We walked for about an hour in the rain, and on the river in places it was still intensifying. But we are not afraid of it.
Arriving at the place, the rain calmed down a bit. Find a promising point. Depth 3-4 meters.

The partner begins to try to catch on twisters, and the fish just starts to mock him – then they pull off the bait, then they bite off the tails. But still he raised a pair of pike tails.

I start with the CANNIBAL SHAD from Savage Gear, and on the third cast there is a dull bite. I can’t understand what kind of fish it is, but it resists with dignity! And then a golden ide appears, this is a turn, I did not expect to be honest, and even on such a bait. But he did not take it honestly, but merely crushed it.

I begin to change the bait, the fish refused to respond to the vibratory tails. Edward stubbornly rests on twisters and he has a result.
I am changing to CANNIBAL CURL TAIL also from Savage Gear. Three or four casts and bite, good pike. Following a couple more are not large.

We change the point, have moved about fifty meters. Edward wanted to experiment with a mandula and foam rubber. On foam there was one slurred bite and that’s it. He catches his favorite mandala, casting, blow, another pike.

Even through the cast, he has a powerful blow, and that's all …
So we did not know who it was. And he didn’t have such a mandula anymore. As always happens with us, there was a single copy of the bait. And I have silence, just rinse the bait.

Moving on … We see good silhouettes, anchor.
Just the weather was still taking off.
The partner catches the twister again, another bite occurs, Edward catches a burbot in a blow.

I start poking around in my bag and sorting out the bait. And then I find the killer thing RELAX VIPER 6.
Edward almost drove me out of the boat because of her as soon as he saw her, and I had her alone.
I make the first cast, fish, cast fish …

Partner asks:
– Well, is there at least RELAX TWISTER 5?
– There is!

And then the heat just raced, every two or three casts a fish, almost all of the standard up to three kilograms. Viper holds, does not lose ground. Mows fish with a bang.

Later, another crew of friends connects to us. They moved a little further from us.

Over time, the biting abruptly stopped, as if the fish were turned off. Let’s change the bait, move from place to place – no matter what. And the guys are quietly catching. We rise a little higher from them. About ten minutes later they left, caught under the curtain by the pike.

We decided to pack, drank tea on the path, moved back to the side of the house.

First impressions of Spiker remained positive. I will try, catch on.


Amanda K. Benson

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