Top 5 how to tie the jig correctly | fishing knots for jig and rewinder | winter fishing

I will show the top 5 how to properly tie the jig to the fishing line in different ways. When fishing I use different fishing knots. You can easily tie a jig with an eye, you will learn how to tie a jig. Here I will show the knot for the jig, learn about the knot for the jig with an eye. With the help of my recommendations, you can learn how to properly tie a jig with an eye, and also learn the skills of how to tie a second jig. I will easily interest my viewers how to tie a jig to a winter fishing rod, as well as a jig with an eye. With the help of my videos, every fisherman can learn how to quickly tie a jig. Fishing is quite exciting, especially winter fishing. For winter fishing, a jig and a rewinder are suitable. Most fishermen look forward to the first ice.

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