Tomsk vacation: a week on the river.

Finally, when you are at home in a warm place, on a comfortable sofa, after a hard week of fishing, you can relax, look at the photos and do something. This trip was not easy, fishing was hampered in every possible way by weather conditions (wind, waves, rain) and unstable biting. Nevertheless, the trip was interesting and effective, but first things first. The story will be long, so make yourself comfortable.

No matter how you try to plan something, something will go wrong. Either the weather will throw a pig, then the water will be thrown off in the coolest month of the year, then work, then something else. After a series of suction fishing in the city (catching “pike perch” at the OVH does not count), there was a desire to dump somewhere farther, in the hope of catching something worthwhile and edible. For example, a normal pike or walleye. For example, to the Tomsk region. According to the forecast, the rains ended and promised good weather, the water is cooling down, the moon is in a growing phase. All would be good, but the water level in the Ob is rapidly increasing, which does not add optimism. But ideal conditions can be expected forever, or you can not wait.

The vacation passed, plans were drawn up, collapsed, drawn up and collapsed again – this time there was simply no one to go with. But it’s good that we have a website where you can find a like-minded person. The trip will be!

So, on Saturday morning, my partner and I are already moving to the Chainsky district on the Ob open spaces. They docked literally 15 hours before departure, since he and I were already sitting on our suitcases. They did not have time to go out on the water that day, they had to do household chores – to move into the house, prepare the floating means, collect the tackle and have a delicious dinner with a lamb on the coals.

In the morning we rise at 6 o’clock, we drink tea and go. The seats are new for me, my partner is not in the first place. They looked for fish only by the relief, they did not climb into the driftwood (we decided to leave them to plan B).

And now, after a long search and selection of lures, the first bites followed, it was a medium-sized pike. How I missed those evil pike punches.

The place was a deep hole between the spit and the shore. On the spit 1-2m depth, sandy bottom with pebbles, weak current. The bites followed at the very drop off at a depth of 3-5m.

On the first day, the favorite among all the lures was determined – a dark, running rubber 14 cm, I will not do advertising, you can see in the photo. Most of all I believed in her, and mostly caught on her. With regret, I had to periodically leave the bait on rare snags – I took only 1 pack.

The first two days the fish did not indulge in biting, rarely where it was possible to see more than 1-2 bites from the setting. We made watering, on one of them we found a small accumulation of pike, but the size of 1-1.5 kg was not the fish we were following. After lunch, a nice goose flew into the hole – it was getting more interesting.

In general, during the first two days we tried to understand where the fish is standing, what baits they prefer, and which points should be given special attention. We caught 3-5 fish a day up to 3 kg, but I think this is a good result for these days, because many fishermen generally returned empty. There was also good news – the water level slowed down and should have dropped from the next day. There was no precipitation, but a strong breeze was blowing, which was constantly changing and made it difficult to properly catch the points.

From the next day, they no longer exchanged for new places, but specifically worked on where fish had already been caught, and this bore fruit. There were no mothers and folders yet, but we were waiting for them.

The weather began to change, rain clouds swept by, we drank tea and admired the rainbow.

Toward evening, another pleasant sir snapped on the spit. Eh, more often such … there were surprisingly few pike perch.

On the next wiring, I grope for a snag on the dump. I cast a little to the right and get a vicious “tadash”, sweep, short struggle, landing net and pike in the boat.

On this pleasant note, we end the day, the sunset was beautiful.

In the morning, we do the first performance right above the branchy snag and throw it in all directions from it to clean places. Already on the approach of the bait to the boat, during a long pause with the bait hanging, I feel a ringing short blow, piercing the sleepy body to the heels. It was undoubtedly a walleye, a good walleye. That’s really really good morning 🙂 I swallowed a Cheburashka for the most not spoil.

Before lunch, we took several fish, after which the bite was chopped off. I had to ride a lot, checked a bunch of places, drove up to crowds of fishermen – everyone was smoking bamboo. The weather that day was changing, a thunderstorm front was moving towards us in the distance. We decided, while dry, we will roll up and finish fishing.

The forecast for tomorrow promised rain throughout the day and a strong east wind. Thoughts began to appear in my head to dump home. But the morning of the evening is wiser, we decided to wake up, and then we will see. Forecasters did not deceive. Packing up and going home would mean giving up, and we had plans for another 2.5 days of fishing. Sitting in the house all day is not an option either. Therefore, we fill in thermoses, refuel the boat and into battle, as far as we can. We understood perfectly well that the fish will most likely bite badly in such weather.

The bites that day could be counted on one hand. If before that the bites were with a good pull and a blow to the hand, today the fish barely poked at the bait, hung and went halfway.

What we just didn’t offer to fish, the best thing that day worked for me was a medium-sized white streamer on a light head.

For the whole day we managed to catch perch and pike. One pike was caught with a piece of the net torn out, but you can’t escape fate. On the last cast, I got stuck on the streamer, the fish is not bad in terms of resistance, but it comes off the boat. It was doubly offensive on a day when every bite is worth its weight in gold.

On this we decide to finish fishing, fishing in heavy and wet clothes was already uncomfortable. We are going to dry our things and drink tea, we have had enough.

In the morning we walked in a thick fog, at times it rained. But after lunch they promised a light, and there were hopes that the fish would begin to move away from yesterday’s coma.

And indeed, by the evening, the fish gradually began to show activity. We found fish at 1-2m. I hate jigging at this depth. It was difficult to adapt to the changed fishing conditions, so more often I had to work on a net, my partner was doing well. To be honest, it was just too lazy to assemble a light kit, so until the victorious I bombed with a stick up to 60g. On the next exhaustion of the bait, a pike attack occurred, but the fish left. And then an idea came to my mind – why not try to fish for uniform wiring? I put a 10gr head + a bright vibrotail and after a few casts I catch a pike.

It was getting dark, a huge black cloud was approaching us and the wind rose, we had to urgently go ashore. We left the clouds along meter waves with rams.

The fish pecked, the rains ended, there was still half a day of fishing. It seems like they fished for a whole week, but there was some kind of understatement left. At dinner, we decide not to go home for lunch, as planned, but to fish the last full day.

The river on this day rewarded our efforts. In the morning we are exposed to the gully and find ourselves on a flock of snout perches. Perch 400-800g took large pike baits.

We fill the container with selected perches.

After some time, the bite of the perch subsides, the partner’s bite, the rod in an arc – as we thought, the pike came.

Before lunch, with varying success, we catch a mixture of large perch and pike. Occasionally, peaceful fish such as bream and ide attack our baits. I caught 8 pikes from one set 🙂

That day I caught only for uniform retrieval and this was the best solution. Several times the bait did not have time to reach the bottom – the pike grabbed right on the fall.

There were also such bites.

Time is noon, we understand that there is nowhere to put the fish. By this time, the bite has subsided, we have lunch and decide to change our location closer to home. We also get up on the gully, a small pike bites, at sunset a couple of pike perches slipped by. On this positive note, we end our last day of travel – we didn’t stay in vain 🙂

The weather the next day was just a fairy tale. At night there were the first frosts, in the morning everything was frosty, not a cloud in the sky, calm. I’m sure the fish bite perfectly that day. But we were going home without regret, we got our portion of pleasure in a week, we had to go to the city. On the way home, while admiring the autumn landscapes, we met a huge elk on the road, standing right on the side of the road. Unfortunately, it was not possible to capture this beautiful beast, while he took out the phone, he famously dumped it back into the forest.

This was the end of our weekly trip. I am pleased with the trip, thanks to the experienced captain for the good company, the fishing was not easy and interesting. As Vlad said, there will be something to remember on long winter evenings.

Soundtrack: Chaif ​​- Nobody Hears

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