To the Moscow river for a chub

A couple of days of warmth, after the autumn weather, and an unexpected weekend in the middle of the week!

I recently got involved in chub fishing and I have a desire to look for it every second and every moment, which means I'm going where? Right! In search of forehead!

I began to get my initial experience in catching a white predator on a small, urban river and today I decided to step back from this and try to find this treasured fish in a larger river, namely the Moscow River! So where exactly to go, which site to choose? But the devil knows! Too little experience in this matter … However, I quickly chose a site and literally an hour later was there. The places, I am sure, are familiar to all Moscow spinning players.

Quickly gathered my Maximus Neon Midori 622SUL, up to 5 gr., I put a small gibberish and into the battle! Here it would be possible to paint the casts themselves for a long time and dreary, as I stubbornly scooped up all the places near the grass with a cockroach and that this did not bring results. As I threw shallow rolls over longer distances and did not see a fish’s reaction in dreams, but why? I already spent a lot of time describing places and even wrote everything you needed about the first lures.

Next, I switched to hesitant and then it began what I came for! Literally on the second throw, spending along the grass, I got a gorgeous serve and immediately a powerful leap into the grass! But despite the fact that I managed to relax, the reaction does not sleep! I didn’t let the lobastik go into the grass and pretty quickly parked 300 grams of muscle on the beach.

However, from this setting there was no more blow and it was a trend for the whole fishing, or rather 1 setting = no more than one bite. Having shifted a couple of times, almost from the ejection, I get a blow with a sledgehammer in the hands and a friction clutch song, and whatever I did, I couldn’t stop this paravoz. Having unwound my cord almost to the backing, this locomotive just got off …

Yes, and figs with him, no, well, it's a shame of course, but do not stand there and shed tears! The following production brought me a golavchik for a pound and after 15-20 steps another blow, but he did not stick.

In general, as a result, out of 5 clear bites I realized 3, which I am satisfied with in principle. I believe that for a novice chub not a bad result.

I cannot but note the work of spinning, even in such difficult conditions for spinning. Midory perfectly pulled the fish through thick bunches of grass and not hinting at the fact that it was hard for him! Colossal margin of safety; due to its structure, it allows you to gorgeously animate cockroaches, forcing them to move their paws while leaving the insect almost in place; Well, throwing qualities at an excellent level!

It is a pity that I could not completely go through the intended section, the weather began to change dramatically and I decided to retreat towards the subway. I will definitely return to these places!

No tail, no scales and see you on the water!

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