Tict Sram TCR-90S Cannon.

Spinning, which will be discussed below, is a radical Japanese. As we all know since school, the country of the rising sun is an island state, and such an arrangement could not but affect the culture of the inhabitants from the edge of our planet. Hence it is logical to assume that the craving for the sea and fishing in the Japanese is in the blood. If we add here the scrupulousness of this people, attention to detail, as well as practicality of things, we can conclude that spinning made in Japan, and in our case we are talking about spinning for offshore fishing, deserves attention. Is it possible to find a worthy application for it in Russia, for example, in the middle lane? I’m going to talk about this in this article.

To feel the highlight of this spinning, let's look at the conditions under which it was created.

So, sea coast fishing, or rock fishing. As a rule, in this case we are talking about fishing for relatively small fish, which at the same time are an order of magnitude faster than their freshwater counterparts. In addition, there is always the possibility of catching relatively large "pelagics", which can arrange a serious test of the strength of both the nerves of the angler and the entire gear. To summarize, spinning for such conditions should have the following characteristics:

– The form should be sharpened by light bait;

– Throw light bait very far;

-Have good sensitivity;

-Have a power reserve and knit fish well;

In fact, these are quite contradictory characteristics, and linking them in a single spinning is another task. Everyone knows and intuitively that it is easier to throw a heavy bait over a long distance than, for example, a jig weighing 5 grams, and spinning rods with a slow formation knit fish perfectly, but at the same time they lose in sensitivity to more sonorous sticks. But the Japanese, if they were not Japanese, coped with this task, and this is what we have at the exit.

Spinning Test 1-14 gr. Visually touching the bottom of the bait is fixed on the lower border of the test. In the hand, the spinning starts tapping on soft ground with a jig from 6 grams, on hard ground (sand, stones) – from 4 grams.

Casting distance. No wonder the Tict Sram TCR-90S has the designation “Cannon”, which means “Cannon”. This form, capable of a 10-gram pilker, can be sent to a distance of 80 meters with a light head wind and cord thickness # 0.8PE! Typically, such distances are covered by heavier baits, and accordingly coarser forms, with which the word "delicacy" does not combine. However, in calm weather, and with a cord thickness of no more than # 0.6PE, which is recommended not to be exceeded by the manufacturer, the casting range can well be increased.

Build spinning. I would describe it as medium-fast. However, when fishing, the blank works from the middle of its length, which allows it to knit fish well.

Sensitivity. A surprise awaited me with this item. As I wrote above, spinning conveys touching the bottom of the bait, with a weight of 4-6 grams depending on the ground, and I did not expect any outstanding sensory characteristics from this form. However, on my first trip, I decided to have fun on the perches, and catch them on a jig weighing 1.5 grams. Imagine my surprise when all the fortune-telling baits by small sailors were transferred exactly to the hand! This moment pleasantly pleased me.

Reviews: Tict Sram TCR-90S Cannon.

I would also like to note one feature of this form, confirming the Japanese attention to detail. Since the reels installed on the blank can have different weights, and also taking into account variations with the weight of the lures, the manufacturer has provided three balancing weights of 10 grams each in the spinning butt, which allow you to keep the balance of the whole gear as a whole.

Reviews: Tict Sram TCR-90S Cannon.

All this is certainly wonderful, but why is this set of qualities needed, and where do we apply all this to our native expanses? Indeed, for catching perches, you can find a budget option. For me, the answer is obvious – this spinning rod is an excellent tool for asp fishing. Judge for yourselves: long-range tackle is necessary for an asp, but at the same time he prefers small baits (castmaster, pilkers and devons fit into the test range of this spinning, have long been favorites when catching this predator). In addition, the spinning should have a good restraining resource, because sheresper is known as a strong fighter.

Reviews: Tict Sram TCR-90S Cannon.

The second direction, where it is possible to fully realize the characteristics of this spinning – jig in large bodies of water. Long casting will allow you to submit the bait to the edge located at a distance from the coast, and the high sensitivity of the form will allow you to not miss even the most accurate poke of perch or pike perch. Some problem may arise on large rivers: a high flow rate, as a rule, requires the use of sinkers of more than 14 grams, but by casting a little upstream and performing upstream wiring, the problem of sinker drift can be solved and a full-fledged stepwise wiring can be performed.

Reviews: Tict Sram TCR-90S Cannon.

The question of using wobblers, together with the Tict Sram TCR-90S spinning rod, cannot be answered unambiguously, after all, this spinning rod was primarily developed for jig fishing. The use of small minos, like their tweaks, is quite possible, spinning successfully copes with this task. Also, there should be no problems when fishing for walkers.

Reviews: Tict Sram TCR-90S Cannon.

Reviews: Tict Sram TCR-90S Cannon.

It is possible to use small rolls SSR and SR. When fishing on these baits, the blank will not experience any overload, and will be able to perfectly perform the animation of the pinocchio.

Reviews: Tict Sram TCR-90S Cannon.

With wobblers that create significant resistance during wiring and animation, this spinning is weakly combined, but as they say, to embrace the immense is impossible.

If the task is for the spinning to throw the lures as far as possible minimal in weight, the Tict Sram TCR-90S is an excellent option for this task, and the high sensitivity of the spinning will allow you not to miss even the most careful bite!

Reviews: Tict Sram TCR-90S Cannon.

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