This river captivated me with its diversity. Spinning on a small river.

Friends, I continue my series “Exploration of new places”. The rivers are more and more interesting each time and I am more and more imbued with the charm of small rivers! This time the river appeared in several guises – there were shallows, overgrown with grass and deep-water sections and rifts, and in some places the river looked like a stream that can be walked knee-deep … I was fishing for the first time in such different conditions, but I was able to adjust and the river turned out to be favorable to me :] I saw a sufficient number of bites and did not remain without fish. I planned to catch a pike, but I took a spinning rod with me for microjig just in case and did not lose. Pike and perch did not let me get bored, I wanted to catch a chub, but purposefully doing it in a jig is not so simple, and the weather is not at all in May. In any case, the fishing was very interesting, and I can’t wait, when I go again to get acquainted with new rivers and new places! Everyone enjoy watching and thank you to everyone who watches me!


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