The student DID the teacher. They chased the shchukans to the GIRLS.

Good day to all!

We got out with a partner to the river, I really wanted to go fishing with zherlichki. I myself still seem to be learning little experience, but why do I teach a beginner

We placed karasikoas as live bait.

We got into eben. And they spanked to explore new places. I love quiet, calm places.

In general, the fishing was cheerful, perky, the pike kept raising flags and delighting us, by the way, sometimes several flags would light up at once.

On this fishing trip, it was mostly my partner who took out the pike. So to speak, he stuffed his hand. And I’ll tell you he does it dashingly.

In general, we breathed air, caught fish, and what else is needed. And most importantly, we got positive emotions and andrenaline.

Do not be lazy, go look for your fish and you will be happy. We found our fish.

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