The positive effect of barometric pressure on fishing

According to the opinion of many anglers, barometric pressure for fishing, and more correct to say his decline is often a cause of poor fishing. Probably, changes in atmospheric pressure occur as a result of the whole complex at times not tangible and not fixed by the instrument of weather changes.

The pressure drop is the reason for a failed fishing

Special sensitivity of fish known to fishermen for a long time, and their sensitivity is manifested and to changes in atmospheric pressure in the process of fishing. But most of the factors affecting fish changing atmospheric pressure, the science is not yet fully understood. Pisces are also very sensitive to other factors affecting the reservoir, for example, water level fluctuations, but such a phenomenon to atmospheric pressure.

The contents

  • About atmospheric pressure
    • Decompression
    • Pressure for fishing
  • Good bite at a certain pressure
    • How to behave in some types of fish in the modification of the pressure
    • Than to explain a significant sensitivity of fish to modification of the pressure
  • Conclusion

About atmospheric pressure

Remember that atmospheric pressure is the pressure of the air mass located over a particular portion of the surface of the earth. The whole air mass of the planet is comparable to the weight of water in the sea, at a temperature of 0°With one m3 of dry air and a pressure of 758 mm/ mercury column has a weight of 1,293 kg International unit of pressure is Pascal (PA). 1 PA meets 3/4 mm Hg.

Atmospheric pressure is subject to fluctuations during the day that meet 1-3,5 mm of mercury column, while at times up to 5-7 mm Hg. article fish do Not react to fluctuations during the day at the atmospheric pressure in the process of fishing. Perhaps fish have a presentiment of the root causes, which cause significant changes in atmospheric pressure. What causes it, and their negative results? What is happening on the Ground, a strong earthquake combined with active processes occurring on the Sun. Sun exposure to the Ground is via atmospheric processes. Before the earthquake precedes the abrupt change in atmospheric pressure in different places of the Earth, resulting in the movement of huge air masses. Proven that earthquakes often come with a low pressure atmosphere, and where a small number of precipitation. Noticed a connection of fluctuations in atmospheric pressure with changes in earth’s gravity.

The barometer pressure measurement

When atmospheric pressure decrease occurs as it were the displacement of harmful gases and their rise (i.e. mercury vapor, radon, and others) from the depths of our planet on its surface, reduces the content of oxygen in the water. The atmospheric pressure at all times of the year affects the change in air temperature. Another important factor affecting both the sailing and the tides and the atmospheric pressure and the behavior of fish has a Moon.

More should be said about the interaction of atmospheric pressure with weather changes. Such knowledge is particularly important at the time of forecasting fishing.

Cool weather change for the worse or better combined with the action of cyclones and anticyclones. The difference of pressure in the center of the cyclone and in the peripheral part is always great. Always atmospheric, the pressure falls in the area in which the approaching cyclone. The area covered by the anticyclone, the weather is usually better than in areas under the influence of the cyclone, and the atmospheric pressure increase can therefore be a symptom of better weather.

Pressure for fishing

What reports of fishing practices on what kind of pressure is good for fishing. This will be good, if the atmospheric pressure is steady. Kept close to the norm or weak increasing. Normal atmospheric pressure is considered to fishing pressure, which within three to seven days, remains unchanged or is modified in any way and not more than 7—8mm of mercury column. Because the fish are bigger absolute values of atmospheric pressure and its changing trends. Fish adapt to almost any atmosphere pressure, with the exception of its extreme values.

A favorable pressure for fishing

Most of the fish fish do not be, if after piping pressure drop is safeguarded trend to continue to pressure drop, or its value is very low (in particular, for the Moscow region is below 732 mm Hg). The steep increase in pressure can also lead to deterioration of the bite, although if high pressure will keep for several days, then the bite can be good.

In winter, most fish species are particularly susceptible to the pressure change. If it is for a short period of time repeatedly modified in one direction and then in another direction, we can expect a good bite even after the establishment of normal pressure. To restore bite pressure has to be sustained not less than two to five days.

Good bite at a certain pressure

Anglers have noticed that anywhere the bite is good at a certain pressure of the atmosphere. Practice shows that sometimes a decisive impact on nibble identifies the optimal combination of atmospheric pressure and air temperature. Therefore, if the pressure for five to six hours increases by 25-30 mm of mercury column and the temperature decreases to 7-12. °C, biting was not to be. A similar impact on most fish species has a steep pressure drop to 9 — 11 mm mercury column and more, which occurs within five to six hours and is accompanied by the same change of temperature. The bite won’t be better until then, as long as these factors will not be stable. Good fish can peck at various pressures of the atmosphere and the temperature in the cold. It is necessary, that freezing weather matched big pressure and low pressure of the atmosphere is weak frost or thaw.

Good bite at a certain pressure
How to behave in some types of fish in the modification of the pressure

L. P. Sabaneev indicates that burbot in the early fall ends up biting when lifting pressure. And pike when a significant steady pressure in summer sultry weather is in the dormant state, until the pressure begins to fall rapidly, and the longer it remains high-quality weather, the more intense her feeding period. Biting pressure drop Lin always deteriorates and then ends. Particularly susceptible to pressure changes breams: in any intense pressure drop, they stop to peck at.

When the pressure drops the fish cease to bite
Than to explain a significant sensitivity of fish to modification of the pressure

There are several hypotheses. In accordance with the reduction of pressure on the body of the fish can break the diffuse phases, digestion or to change its buoyancy. Some believe that this is linked with the susceptibility of fish to bubble oscillations. Also convincing and the idea that all weather conditions, including barometric pressure, have an impact on the physiological condition of the habitat of fish is water: osmotic pressure, solubility of gases, the ionic composition.

The signs of pressure change:

  • the downward trend of atmospheric pressure can be set on the water: when the water gets to look oily, viscous;
  • when during a rainstorm while driving on the boat for a long time to tread water or bubbles in the excitement of forming a stable foam at the coast, the pressure is reduced;
  • on this also reports the smoke of fires or pipes, falling down, and not developing a daily fog.


Planning the next fishing trip, pay attention not only on weather but also on the atmospheric pressure, which is of particular importance for successful fishing.

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