The pike fishing on the Donk – a selection of tackle and live bait fishing

To catch a predator in the country in many different ways: on the float rod, spinning, imitation fish, mugs and also at the Donka with rubber shock absorber. Catching a pike on a Donk start with the summer season and finish in late autumn, when the waters appear the first ice.

To catch the best you need to choose the right place better suited to deep areas of the oxbow lakes which are located near high banks. This gear can be fished, as well as on a normal fishing rod with a float, but only in the company Jora. By the way, how to catch pike on the Seine read here.

Do bottom fishing for pike

The gear you should choose for your convenience. It allows you to throw the bait for a distance of over thirty meters.

To make a ground rod you need a reel on which to wind at least 50 meters fishing line diameter 0.3 — 0.4 mm, with gruselle with a mass of 15 grams. Then attached the swivel, and then the leash with a single hook.

It should be remembered that pike teeth are very sharp and their severity depends on the place where is located the pond. In warm regions you can find “southern” predator, for catching him, metal leashes are not needed, you can use the line diameter of 0.8-0.9 mm. In this case, the fishing line for a leash — we need a new one I never used and after a large number of casts, as well as in the presence of defects replace it. Basic scaffold as it is necessary to inspect for defects. For leads you can use the line from any manufacturer. In Northern waters, the tackle must include a metal leash. As “Northern pike” is able to eat the line of any thickness due to its sharpness of teeth. The Donk used single hooks having elongated forearm and the same tip with a bend in the direction of the forearm, to minimize hooks.

Catching pike on live bait by ground

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