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The opening of the 2020 season is in full positive!

On Saturday 13/06/20 opened the spinning season!
I think it’s not worth describing with what impatience the fishermen are waiting for its beginning. So I was toiling, when will this happen !? And it happened, the stars came together and I moved to my favorite places of the Uglich Reservoir.

The weather was promised not bad and without rain, but a breeze of 5-6 with gusts of up to 12m / s. Although weather forecasters are often mistaken in good forecasts, this time everything was as expected, exactly the same.

And so the night without sleep, at the start hour, at three in place, fees, at four thirty on the first production! It would have been carefully collected, but the navigator and the new Black side riot coil, which he took to wind a new wattle fence, forgot everything at home in Moscow. Well, okay, there is an echo sounder, the main places have been studied, and the old reels will also work more than one season. The main task will enjoy this moment, the first exit on the boat!
And so, the first statement on the relief in the navel area from 10 to 6.5m, I do not pay attention to cash fish on the screen, just according to the relief. Pouring tea and enjoying the birdsong on the shore I collect two sets, a new unsecured stick Maximus HIGH ENERGY-Z JIG 2,2m 6-28g

and the second proven gear is more delicate Maximus GRAVITY JIG 2,2m 3-12g.

Here is the first cast! As always, excitement and nerves are stretched in line with a braided cord! The bait flies over the navel at the bottom and falls ten meters behind it. The bait on the wiring clearly goes through the top of the hill, but there is no bite. And on the second cast, the nerves are already returning to normal and the mind begins to work. Another cast a little to the side, the bait jumps at the base of the navel. And as soon as I felt that the load struck the stones at the bottom, there immediately followed a bite, which I had been waiting for more than seven months!

The fish didn’t get big and it was a bershik who was poised for the LureMax SLIM SHAD 4 ” bait in the color of green avocado. This capture also caught a new spinning, in general beauty!
I continue to catch this anomaly with stones at the bottom and the second bite did not take long to wait! Another bersh, already bigger.

Thus, I caught anomalies at the bottom, the fish basically pecked at a depth of 5-7m deeper than silence. Later he moved not far, to another location. The riverbed with a dug bottom is plagued. After passing thirty meters depths varied from 11m to 5 and back three times! Stepping aside, anchored. I take my new thing in my hands and send the bait through my belly button. Posting turns out, what is necessary, then a pause of less than a second, then the bait flies down more than five. And on the last ascent, there is a clear “bzdyn”!

Cutting and pleasant resistance at the other end of the cord! Sudachek 650 gr.

not big, but the first of this season! Bersh pecks through the heels of postings, and a little less than pike perch by 550 gr.!

Five more postings and zander, the first brother took a look at the acid LureMax.

After the bites were not. Moving caught also perches

and even the lace fell on a rubber blende.

So bastard from the process and struggling with the increasing wind, I caught until noon. But unfortunately I had to go home early and I rushed along the waves to the place of launching the boat.
So, on a very positive note, I opened the next spinning season, which is why I am happy !!!

I wish you all good, catches and take care of nature, it is gorgeous !!!


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