The first pike of Saint Lake

The first pike of Saint LakeFor most spinning players, May is the hardest month: the fish is active, but you can’t catch it until almost mid-June. Spawning ban. But there are exceptions. So, on Svyatoye Lake in the Shatursky District, the restriction on spinning fishing ends much earlier than in the rest of the Moscow Region. This year it is allowed here from May 10. As soon as the ban ends, a lot of Moscow and Moscow spinning players come to the Holy, yearning for fishing with their favorite gear. The pond has long been a cult place for them, various competitions are often held here. And although I myself managed to open this year’s spinning season on the Volga, when I participated in the first stage of the Russian Cup, it was difficult to resist a trip to the Holy: I just wanted to fish. But not in the crowd. Therefore, my partner and I set off two days after the lifting of the ban. There was another reason not to especially delay the trip to the Holy: the cold front was approaching and the weather was going to deteriorate for a long time.

The road to the base at Svyatoy is quite decent: we drove in an ordinary passenger car, although it was necessary to pass a section of the primer. The base is located in the fishing line, small but cozy, it can be described in one word-correct. There are boats at the base, but small metal ones, it is impossible to catch together with such people, only one. Therefore, we regretted a bit that we did not take ours. Svyatoe Lake is an interesting reservoir with the most diverse bottom topography. One half is relatively shallow; there are also areas with edges, but mostly wide irrigation with an average depth of one and a half meters and small smooth hills. There are clearly defined navels, but finding them is not easy, given the size of this part of the lake – about 3 in length and more than 1.5 km wide. In general, this part resembles the Krasnodar estuaries. The other part of the lake, separated by a dam, is deeper: on average, the depth here is about 6 m, but there are 8 and 10 m.

Most spinning players prefer to jig and heavy oscillators in the deepwater. Pikes and zander here are such that there is a chance to catch something serious. This time we were not able to go fishing there: such a strong wind blew that it was unrealistic to scrub several kilometers against it. We did not even try to reach the deep section left by the dredger at the dam from the shallow part of the lake. And yet, despite the strong wind, we can say we were lucky with the weather. The temperature during the day was 20-22 degrees, sometimes it rained briefly. In Moscow, by that time it had sharply cooled, but the front reached us the next day, when we were already returning. When leaving the base it was +22 and a cloudless sky, and after 40 minutes, at the entrance to Lyubertsy, the temperature dropped to +12 and it started to rain.

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Although a strong wind interfered with fishing, he did not violate our plans. Before leaving, my partner and I decided this time to focus on the pike, so we were quite satisfied with shallow watering. A set of lures is appropriate – wobblers and oscillators. Knowing that at this time mostly small fish bite on the lake, the smallest baits were excluded so as not to cling to the laces. We went to rest and go fishing for pleasure, rather than harvesting fish, so we agreed that we would release all that we caught, except that which was useless to let go. Any spinning player knows: even a puppy can swallow a large wobbler on the move. In this case, the hooks usually do too much damage and it makes no sense to let the fish go. So they did: they let all the fish go. The exception was several large perches, which we fried on the first day in the evening.

The approach of the atmospheric front did not reduce the activity of pike and perch. Everything would be just great, if not for the size of the fish. The pike went mainly from 200 to 600 g, the perch was proportionate. But it was interesting to catch: the squint were recklessly grabbing both wobblers and wobblers. At shallow depths, minnow worked best with a depth of up to half a meter. Twitching was the most effective, but it was difficult to carry it out in strong winds. The perch, usually small, took it alternately with the pike, and the size of the bait did not bother him at all. Occasionally perches of quite decent sizes came across. Of the wobblers, Daiwa TD Minnow 1091, Zip Baits Orbit and Smith’s models can be distinguished. I used to prey mainly on natural colors, although many people prefer to use fluo on this lake. But, apparently, the decisive role was played not by colors, but by the choice of place.

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The fish was very uneven, stained. Pike gathered mainly in areas where it was smaller and with vegetation at the bottom. There is no grass on the surface yet, and strong wind and wave prevented visually determine the structure of the bottom, even at shallow depths. Search for promising areas had to echo sounder. When he showed a rise in the bottom and a spot of algae, I dropped anchor and caught this site. There are many ways to search for fish, but the most reliable is to know the specific body of water. In this regard, local anglers have a great advantage. For example, on the first day, one local spinning player, who also caught wobblers in the shallow part of the lake, caught a dozen pikes from 1 to 2.5 kg. But he caught on his own, only he knew the points. Obviously, in these wide uniform irrigations there were areas of concentration of a large predator. But such sites had to be known, to find them in a few days is simply unrealistic.

This is difficult to do because fish can reach a point only at a certain time. To understand the features of the behavior of fish, you need to spend a lot of time on the pond, and we have been here before this all twice. However, several times I was able to hook something large, and after cutting the friction clutch began its joyful song, but the fish were clearly lucky, and the struggle ended in its favor. All fishermen-athletes, even on ordinary fishing, try to gain experience that is useful in competitions. For example, check out new lures. Most of the time I did this. During the winter, a lot of very interesting wobblers appeared, and I rolled them on local pikes, choosing the optimal wiring. In such cases, even the lack of catch does not affect the overall positive result of fishing.

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When you reach a certain level, it becomes uninteresting to return from fishing with a small squint, although some anglers consider this result a great success. We met one such earner on the beach before leaving. That day, out of the total catch, I left one little pike deeply swallowed the wobbler, and a partner of two, who also received severe injuries. When we were unloaded, our catch was seen by a man who had also just returned from fishing. Looking around our little pikes, who were just unlucky, he with a sense of complete superiority lifted up and proudly carried a cage stuffed with squint weighing from 200 to 400 g, no more. Even his gait expressed contempt for us, completely unable to fish. It’s hard to say how many of these squint have each of us let go -30, 40, or maybe 50 — and this is not counting dozens of perches. If you are a real, right fisherman, then you must respect yourself, and he carefully treats fish. It’s still impossible to cook something worthwhile from such a trifle, but if you carefully release it, then in a few years the squint will turn into weighty pikes that will bring much more joy.

Fortunately, there are few such fishermen on the Holy Lake: most of them apply both to the reservoir and to the fish quite responsibly. We didn’t get any nets, moreover, as we were told at the base, local fishermen, knowing perfectly where the zander is at the nests at that time, do not catch it, although this is allowed. They do not even approach these places in order not to frighten the pikeperch, and they only catch a pike that has spawned. This is the right approach, it should be followed by all other fishermen.

Andrey ZhIVIN