The drill – the main subject for winter fishing

The fisherman can have the best bait, minnow, jig and much more, but the most important attribute of winter fishing remains screws. Because without it, it would be impossible to quickly make good the hole, and in this case, winter fishing will lose all meaning.

This item is an essential piece of equipment for winter fishing. Before the choice is to determine what will be the fishing, if you will be constant search, it is very important to have a reliable ledobur which is capable of drilling ice of any thickness with very little effort and great speed. If fishing is simple enough to pay attention to the diameter. But in General they all have the same structure, but there are some differences, which can be a significant indicator.

How to choose a drill

Generally choose the drill depending on what kind of fish you will catch. On a perch will fit the auger with a diameter of 100 mm, and for example, the walleye with the bait (by the way about winter groundbait bream and roach can read here), this diameter is not enough, because fish can not go in the hole. If you’re going to catch bream, the hole will require approximately a diameter of 160 millimeters, or more. Fishermen who are bream fishing seriously, use ledobury with a diameter of 200 millimetres, to make sure that the cut fish is sure to make it in the hole.

But there is a little secret – the smaller the diameter ledobura, the easier and faster drilled wells. That is why anglers sportsmen use models with a small diameter.

When choosing ice screws, note the manufacturer, do not buy the product unknown firm. The main thing to pay attention to the material it needs to be very durable and high quality, as when drilling it is experiencing the greatest burden.

If the choice is between domestic and imported products should pay attention to their differences. Design domestic models until recently were made under the right arm, left arm pushes down on the handle, which is located on the axis and right rotate the handle, which is moved to the side.

Imported and domestic a number of modern Boers made so that both arms spaced apart from the axis, so the drill with two hands, which is much simpler and more economical in time and distribution of load on the hands. To imported or domestic, but modern, you get used very quickly, although at first glance may seem uncomfortable, but if after the import to try to drill a few holes Patriotic this may seem quite difficult, at this point it all depends on what knives are on the storm.

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