The bream scout brought a whole flock of bream! Fishing on a feeder in the Western Dvina.

Dvina is pulling us magically towards herself! Her breams dream of us at night, and not a close path spurs to prepare for fishing thoroughly !!! Recently I really liked the bait from Vabik and this time again we are making a mix from the pro series large bream and the XXL river series. This time they did an experiment: how mass starter feeding will affect the fish approach. I fed at the usual pace, and Vanya from the start threw a feeder 10 !!! liters of feed. And what do you think, it worked !!! I sat literally two meters upstream and could not pull the fish towards me! What I just did not do, right up to feeding with one animal component! Nothing could move the bream from Vanya’s table)) In general, fishing turned out to be very difficult: a new place, an experiment and a complete lack of bite until the morning … All the fish hatched for one hour from 5 to 6 in the morning! Moreover, Vanya caught all the fish, and I had only one gathering ..


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