The best fishing knot uni knot | how to tie a hook to a fishing line | fishing knots for fishing

I will show you the best uni knot fishing knot as well as great fishing knots for fishing. You will see how to attach the hook to the fishing line. I’ll show you life hacks for fishing. Friends anglers fishing knots every fisherman should know, and also how to tie a fastener to a fishing line, in this video you will learn how to tie a hook with a shovel or how to tie a swivel to a fishing line. Fishing knots, namely how to tie a jig is not an easy task. In my videos, I show in detail how to tie two lines together or how to tie a connecting knot. I use the following knots for fishing: palomar knot, uni knot, fg knot, blood knot, albright knot, snell knot, double uni knot, clinch knot, trilene knot, improved clinch knot, loop knot, yucatan knot, figure 8 knot.

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