The morning today was interesting. At 4 in the morning we go to the Don, hoping for an asp exit at dawn. Upon arrival, they did not see a single splash, although earlier in this place there were evil asp chops, a bunch of splashes, etc. Well, then, switch to the pike.

Reports from the ponds: THE BEGINNING OF THE DAY OFF

A few deaf hooks in the snag at the first point, offensively, the offset did not help. Moving from point to point and the first bite. I re-cast and she re-attacks the bait. I release her back and move on.

The next bite was with the approach to a new place. He held it for a bit and went down. The time is already approaching 7 a.m. Andrey suggests going to check the point on the reservoir.

Upon arrival, I, as usual, a jig, and he is a bypass. As it turned out, the jig was not held in high esteem, even at 6 g. A slow, independent fall of the bait on the lead leash steadily brought fish. I also knit a tap and perch from the first cast, the second cast is off, the third is perch. There were two fanged comrades of 30 and 32 cm. I did not even take pictures.

Conclusion: implementation is lame, but in general, fishing came out completely nothing.

Today I caught the familiar Maximus GRAVITY 27M, Black Side Riot 4000FD reel, Power Phantom RAPTOR # 1.5 cord.

The bait that brought the fish today:

LureMax Sensor 4 "in the motorboat;

LureMax STONE FLY 2.5 "color in the photo;

Intech Long Hill 3 "in a motorboat.



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