Tale of that? as we were looking for perch.

It’s been a long time that Angela and I didn’t go fishing, but here the weather is fine and I have a day off and she was able to postpone household chores. Since both lovers catch striped, they decided that we need to go in search of him. The place was chosen in the area of ​​the Menzelinsky water intake, was very impressed by the beauty of these places, probably in 2013 was the last time here – nothing has changed. Unless I used to catch on plastic and iron, and now on silicone.

About 10 minutes and we are there. At dawn, several empty bites and the first handsome edible size. Then we chopped the perch and we went on.

The small perch followed us, but we didn’t come after him – so we didn’t stay very long and changed the place again.

I caught two Blaze and Fire Fly microjig rods, although initially there were plans to take one more powerful for fishing on iron.

Another production and within an hour, a dozen small zander, which was diluted with perch a little larger than a finger. Twisters worked well, for example, the silver-blue Teaser from Luremax and the top 3 defender in the Kraken bait, which Angela gave a little later.

During fishing, they often changed their place, but they did not find a large perch, the capture of individuals of 200-300 grams was pleasing, but they clearly did not reach the planned humpbacks. There were three slices of a flucarbonate leash with a diameter of 0.18, it was good to see for a pike, it hit the tooth, but the teeth were young and sharp.

It’s time, it’s time to go to the big water, with this attitude we finished our fishing and headed towards the shore, that’s all, to all the LFN.

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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