Swing lure ABU Garcia Toby

Swing lure ABU Garcia TobyABU Garcia Tobi is one of the legendary spinners that brought worldwide fame to both the manufacturing company and the country where it was developed. The popularity of spinners is so great that for several decades there has been a club of lovers of this spinner, or simply Toby-club. Spoon-bait was created as a salmon bait, but very quickly fishermen came to a simple conclusion – it catches almost all fish, both in rivers and in lakes. The company produces various models of spinners by weight and dimensions. The profile thickness, depending on the model, varies from 2.5 mm (salmon bait) to 0.5–1 mm (weak flow). The spinner works great both during wiring and when demolition in a free swim, that is, without fishing line winding. In a combination of such techniques lies the key to success of the baubles.

Spinner ABU Garcia Toby is indispensable for beginner anglers, because with all the wrong movements, thanks to its original shape and excellent balance, it plays pretty well with all the inept actions of the spinning player. Therefore, when fishing for a spinner, there is no need to search for the only optimal posting mode inherent in most oscillating spinners – there are many such options. For example, if the very good mode of Atom of the same company does not find the optimal wiring mode, it stops fishing in places where there is not much fish.

The design of the bait allows it to stably stay on the course of any force. In addition to the good shape, additional stability and color to the game spinners add protruding rays of the tail fin, playing the role of stabilizer rudders. The plumage of the spinners is not only an external props, giving the similarity to a fish, but also an element of improving the game of bait. Actually because of these protruding rays, painted in red, in the Russian version the spinner was called "Krasnoperka". To approximately evaluate the possibilities of a bait game, it is necessary to conduct it in a stream of water at different speeds. All the elements of the spinner movement from small trembling to smooth transshipment look very natural and natural, they do not scare away nearby flocks of fish. This is an indicator of a very high class of naturalness of the game, inherent only to very high-quality specimens of spinners.

As the Swedes say, having such a bait in their arsenal, it is impossible to stay without fish. They claim that buying Tobi spinners can save a lot, as other spinners are simply not needed or you can safely throw them in the trash. It is clear that the Scandinavians get excited, and Tobi has its limitations in fishing. So, for example, Toby spinners and asps – things are almost incompatible. There are other drawbacks to the spinner, but that no one doubts that this bait is unique.

It's no secret that for every good bait, there are ten frank imitations, rehashings, fantasies, etc. Although it is, of course, other spinners with their names and features in the game, similar, but others in most respects. Numerous fantasies about the spinner ABU Garcia Tobi only confirm the irreplaceable qualities of the original. We can say that on this indicator, the spoon-bait is a record holder among the “hesitants”. Spinner Toby is produced both in his homeland and under the license of a company in Asian countries, mainly in Taiwan. The production of "left" products has also been established, which pretty accurately copies the original, although there is a huge gap between the branded bauble and its many "left" copies.

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