Super Tricky Trick, better than a crucian killer

Perhaps, each of us at least once in his life caught crucian carp. For many of us, the fishing route in early childhood began with these fish. This representative of cyprinids, although it is one of the most common inhabitants of all kinds of ponds, swamps and lakes, but in spite of its abundance, he often sets puzzles to the fisherman and catching him becomes not an easy task. So it was with me in the recent past. Once, when I was fishing on a crust of bread in one of the domestic reservoirs of grass carp, a good crucian flew at the remnants of the crust. Then I did not attach any particular importance to this, because the main goal was just Cupid. And these ubiquitous crucians did not allow the crust to lie calmly on the surface and wait for the trophy to approach. They insolently tried to gobble up a piece of bread that was not intended for them, with loud smackes, plucked small pieces from it and periodically tried to drag it under water. I then waited for the long-awaited cupid. But these constant crucian tricks prompted the thought, and why not try to catch them purposefully?

After all, they are present in the pond in the proper amount and there are quite good specimens. But for some reason they refused to peck at the usual gear and fishing methods, and they showed activity only on the surface, each time trying to deal with a treat for cupid. Consequently, the Karaseviches should be caught from the surface. But the main snag was exactly how to apply this crust to crucian carp. Too large crust is obviously too tough for him, although it attracts him quickly and effectively. I tried to use both the Sbirulino and the popla popper and just a regular float without any load as a means of feeding the bait. Not that coat. Sometimes crucian carp even hit the pop-popper, thinking that it was something tasty, but as if separately, it didn’t seem to notice a small crust.

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In short, Karasevich asked me a difficult task. And then I came up with the idea of ​​how you can replay this method of fishing on the crust and build a tricky installation with a crucian bias. Based on the fact that a large crust is needed in equipment, I decided not to get rid of it, but to use it as the main element to attract the attention of crucian carp, as well as as a float and sinker, and as a feeder, respectively. But I decided not to complicate the equipment, not to separately knit a leash with a small hook for a small crust, but to use a longer piece of braid that remains after tying the main hook for a large crust, and attach a small hook for a small crust to it, which should pecking crucian carp. The main specificity of fishing was that the fish pecked precisely on the crust that lay on the surface, and on the one that was already soaking a little and was beginning to sink bites, there were almost no bites. But just a small crust could not be thrown to the fish, and in tandem with a large crust, they turned out to be just a super effective secret weapon for the crucian carp there. The bites were not long in coming and the goal was achieved. More than a dozen ladny karashevichs responded to a cunning installation.