Sudak in the heat

After several unsuccessful trips, both on the pike and the pike perch, the time for revenge comes. But I'll start in order.

Two evenings spent searching for zander, but to no avail. Bite zero, contacts too. One day off from sunrise to sunset on several ponds. For the whole daylight hours three bites. Probably not mine, it was still a day. The second day off I decided not to vomit from dawn, sleep well and go look for pike perch in the reservoir.

I woke up, some household chores, a road, a minibus, and now I'm already walking along the street. Karl Marx and I see the reservoir. The first thing that caught my eye was the number of boats on the water, more than 20 pcs. They stand along the edge, on the navels and other relief.

At the first point, I became, I assembled the kit and I sit sorting out the bait, which one to put in order to get into the fish. Coming from spring and summer experience, there are two options. Either engine oil or acid. But there is some infa that small baits, from 2.5 "to 3.5" fanged ignore completely. So 4 "on the double, 20 g and drove the game with weights. The selection of the desired weight did not last long, it was enough half an hour and a gradual decrease as he showed himself.

By the way, I had this fishing with the sensational Favorite X1 802M. Which I equipped with a Black Side HAMMER 2000FD reel with a Power Phantom RAPTOR 0.6 cord. By the way, there was also double interest here. I also wanted to check the coil for withstanding the load on the pike perch and the cord for abrasive, but this will be in the end.

Gradual weight loss has paid off. At 14 g, the first bite was for pulling, though idle. Without hesitation, I move, and begin to punch the same section, but on the contrary, pulling away. A few minutes later, a powerful bite follows. I make a cut but by and immediately pause. The bait touches the bottom, I wait, again a powerful bite, a hook, sits. I understand – not bad. The friction clutch will be pulled, it worked on the hook and then no sound. Pulled zander, I see sitting well. Such a nice specimen, more than a kilo offhand, weighed, he pulled at 1350.

I make another five casts and another bite follows, but it turned out to be a reddish kid of 300 grams. In 5 minutes, a good bite does not work. Here everything is honest in the mouth. The little fellow visually pulled a gram by 600, did not weigh, the photo and back to his native swamp. After about 20 minutes bite. I get the next crimson, small zander.

There was silence, rinsing the bait, Mandula did not bring any result. It was already beginning to get dark, but there was no evening exit. On the way to the starting point I brake. I make a series of casts and on one, on the next throw, I hear sitting. I raise one more lump of grams to 500-600. On this note, I decided to pack up and go home.

Now the conclusions:

Power Phantom RAPTOR 0.6 cord – proved to be quite resistant. About 5 fishing trips on the river. Don on a white predator in stones and three exits to a vodokhranka with eyebrows and a cockleshell. The result is that it does not scam, it breaks on the knot, the color is washed a little, but this is not an important indicator. The only thing is that he has an overestimated diameter. But here already, for color and taste …

For people like me who go fishing more than 3 times a week, a normal work cord. Fans of brands, those who have nowhere to put money and haters, pass right by. The cord for 500 rubles for ordinary fishing is what it takes, it is not a pity to tear off, the abrasive holds, does not break in pieces.

Black Side HAMMER reel. Visually reminiscent of Shimano Vanquish, the handle is screwed into a pair and costs retail about 6000-6500 rubles. After a series of fishing for microjig, it became clear that it is heavy for these purposes. Here for sticks on the upper border of the test 10-18 just right. I use it with a stick until 12 and this time until 21g. The styling is chic for such a price range, it does not throw loops. Details will be later in a brief review.


This time I caught Favorite X1 802M. A novelty that made a little noise this year. The price tag is within 4000 rubles. Has not bad throwing qualities. Story Extra Fast, comfortable in the hand, easy to control the bait. A good budget work stick that suffers overload. He put 20 g and 4 "Swing Impact, whose weight is 4.5 g. The vertex did not give a hint of failure. I put all the strength into the casting, all the rules. Once again, a good, budget, workhorse for catching zander and pike.

P.S: all of the above, this is solely my opinion. And you decide for yourself.


Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

Hi, my name is Amanda K. Benson. Since you, dear reader, have appeared on the page of my blog, it means that you are interested in something. Then you need to know who is writing these articles for you. We will meet and I will tell you a little about myself.

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