Yesterday evening passed into the night. On airborne forces we got only at 8 pm. Spinning rods gathered current and lanterns lit up. The beginning was joyful, but not for long. The first cast is the first perch, the second cast is the perch. Then silence.

Reports from water bodies: STREET FISHING or night MORMISHING

Bites go, more precisely, the contact of the bait with the fish. Either the laundry or the small perch pinch the bait on a pause.

When it became completely dark and the light from the lanterns began to fall more into the water, the perch became active along with the measuring roach.

Reports from water bodies: STREET FISHING or night MORMISHING

The baits were used predominantly in bright colors, but when any interest in them disappeared, he set the soliter from HIT FISH to purple and the perch reacted immediately. I did this combination of color changes all the time and it brought results.

Reports from water bodies: STREET FISHING or night MORMISHING

Around midnight, we decided to stop our Street FISHING Night Game from the parapet and headed home.

Last time there were mixed covers on spinning rods, this time took what I wanted – Maximus Pulse732SUL. Mormyshki a little finalized, now all the rules. Worked not bad. According to the weights, mormyshka worked 0.38 g, 0.6 g, and when the nibble subsided it was necessary to put 0.25 g and shorten the body of the bait.

Roach took predominantly about 300 g, perch occasionally from 50 g, but most of all the kids were 10-20 g. Poklevka everything, compared with a long distance, was also taken under, but it was too shallow.

Reports from water bodies: STREET FISHING or night MORMISHING

By wiring. Pelagic worked exclusively along the parapet. Long distances worked exclusively with pauses or a light game on the spot. Sometimes it was necessary to combine the game in place with pauses of several seconds and drag a little mormyshka along the bottom and repeat again.


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