Streamers – flies imitating fry

The large tank (hair) streamer shown in the photo has been in service since 1998, without any significant changes. It was practiced in March-April. it is the purest water at a temperature of + 3-4 C. It showed itself well after September 20, all of October and November, when many simulations cease to catch. In November, it catches the first two hours of the night better than in the light. Once, after severe frosts, during the thaw, the ObGES strongly shook the water and managed to perfectly catch zander from the ice rim of 40 cm thick, December 10th. In the middle of summer, on the Ob Sea, it can work on capricious fish. At the same time of the year on the river. Iny catch trophy pikes and zander, when the rubber, allegedly, does not work at all. Tanks are served both on "eared" heads, and on a bypass lead.

The small "July" streamer is the 1995 operating time. Since then, unchanged. It catches, mainly, after all the Ob fish completely, globally switches to fingerlings i.e. very small fry. The exception, perhaps, is pike. For all other fish, a little less resistance is the law of nature. Pike is a nurse, the rest of the predators are chasing, and not one of them will chase a large fry with a developed sense of danger, when there are billions of small, stupid noodles, recently used as caviar. Therefore, from mid-June to mid-August, it is not the type of bait that catches it, nor its color, it catches size – as one of the concepts of subtlety. At this time of year, in this size, the streamer, as the type of bait, is most preferred. I will say more – neither on the Ob, nor on the Ob Sea, at this time of year, there is nothing to do without it.

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Feed (animation) in last place. All that is needed is for the simulation to come into view of the fish. upstream, stepped or even wiring, plumb – the streamer always catches. It is usually placed, as an extra, before the jig. But without it, two fish, and with it two bags. Leash forest 5-7 cm. It is placed in front of the wobbler at night when fishing for pike perch. Wobbler zander pokes squeamishly, and streamer snaps. You can put a few pieces in front of the popper. There are no hooks, but how many flies, so many perches.

When fishing from the bottom in strong currents or at great depths: the sinker of the required weight is loaded below, and streamers (on leash leads of 5-7 cm) are placed higher after 40-45 cm. When catching a horse ide (when it’s a ravenous one) it’s served on a long leash (1.8-2.2 meters) secured above the bakery (floating sinker) of 60 cm. A lead head of 1 gram, in this case, is mandatory.

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