Stage is over

The end. Sad and unfortunate. The pike does not bite. There was no exit.

Last departure of the suburban boat season.

What was there? In his hands again Maximus Marader loaded with jig and foam rubber.

Bite 1. Gentle poke and sweep in the teeth. Further, the tires – not finished. Is silent.

Bite 2. Sweeping strong blow. There is a sweep. Record fish. Rushed into the bushes 30 cm from her. Gathering. Pancake. Scars on foam rubber. More rubber and again past. Does not work.

Setups in all areas at different depths + snag. Deaf.

Poklevka 3. On the proven reach, clear pumpkin. In the boat. Really. Better than 0, but again a trifle. That’s all. The season is over. Enough of these muddy sobs.

Results later. Thanks to all.

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