Spring fishing roach – the choice of bait and bait

Spring tide – a great time for fishing. Choosing as the object of “quiet hunt” roach, you need to know some features of its fishing. Fish of the carp family is very capricious and even professional fishermen sometimes cannot return with a good catch. Knowledge of a few nuances will greatly increase the chance of successful fishing. By the way, you’ll also want to learn more about fishing for carp in the spring?

Appetizing bait

Spring roach feeds on insect larvae, finding them on the depth of water. Bloodworms and caddis worm are natural types of bait when fishing this type of fish in after the winter months. Worms and maggots may also cause the interest of the fish. In any case, it is better to take a few options of lures experimentally to select for more “appetizing” for the fish option.

It is worth noting that the roach baits for spring fishing are the following:

  • Low calorie content. The cold melt-water ponds slows down the metabolism of the fish, so the saturation needs a small amount of food. The task of the fisherman is not to feed and tease the bait;
  • A handful of natural for roach foods (bloodworms, maggots, caddis worm) must be included in the bait;
  • If fishing occurs on the river with a rapid current, the bait you need heavier. To do this, its composition is added to the soil. And it must be the soil from this pond, so as not to mislead and not to scare the fish;
  • Bait must not have odors that can frighten off the white fish.
  • Recipe of bait for roach with his hands

    The basis for bait for roach can be either bran of the grain, or breadcrumbs finely. The choice of these components is not random – when immersed in water they quickly become blurred and create around bait “delicious” trail, which attracts roaches. The addition of the usual for this fish to feed the insect larvae, will make the bait doubly attractive. Bloodworms can be bought in a specialty store and caddis – mine own. For this you need to go to the river to pull out a bundle of vegetation from the bottom, in the roots always find at least one larva.

    An important ingredient of bait for roach – flavoring. As attracting fish smell in the bait injected vegetable oil, chopped sunflower or hemp meal. But in this matter it is better not to report than to overdo it. The smell of the groundbait should be soft, inviting. A strong fragrance can deter wayward roaches.

    Where to catch the roach in the spring?

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