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The bream fishing on the feeder in the spring often starts pretty early, but the real progress of large bream is only possible for relatively warm water. Like any other spring fishing success in bream fishing depends on many factors, which include objective reasons: weather, wind, and regulated by hydroelectric dams rivers still flow. The last factor is often most important for the impact of fishing on the river with an adjustable current. In the morning, usually, flow does not happen, and in the absence of flow or very low flow bite can not wait.

Also an important criterion and the measure of success is the choice of location for catching bream. Later in the spring when the water warms up to a temperature of not less than 15 degrees, the big fish, including bream, leaves the shallow coastal waters into deeper edge and slopes in the pit. And before you start skarmlivanii the point of catch and the actual catch is necessary carefully to examine the bottom topography on the proposed site feeder fishing. This applies to a so-called marker weight. It needs to be pre-tested for the speed of his dive to the bottom for some time. It could be seconds or an impromptu free count type: one, two and so on. Given the fact that bream is likely kept away from the coast, first made a distant cast of about thirty meters, forty, if the snap-in feeder.

After casting, the sinker is pulled up to shore and on the way of his advancement along the bottom feels quite noticeable on the bumps and the resistance of the sinker, where there is a sandy or clay bottom, and where they begin to meet areas of limestone or grass. Usually in these areas with grass and shells, there is a rise in the shallows. Efficient point may well be the limit of this rise. Here you can try “securitise” and start fishing. For fishing, you can use the secondary rod Foton Pro 300 Light/Medium, but in places with strong currents it is better to use the rod more powerful class of heavy.

The bream fishing in the spring on the feeder requires a generous skarmlivanii place. To start with, not sparing the bait, to make about twenty five to thirty casts filled with a groundbait feeder to create a background for bait in this place. It is clear that the bait lay on the bottom, approximately at the same area, it is necessary to accurately detect the direction of casting points found visually. It can be a tree or Bush on the opposite side of the river. On the found the length of the cast with a marker weight at the expected successful the point of fishing line clipses and, therefore, casts must be in the same place at the bottom of the reservoir.

If fishing is not planned for one day, and overnight that is a real fishing where there is a fire on the shore, the ear, the conversations and stories till morning, we should take care about is that the fishing spot was not empty without bait, which will wash over and fish eat up the little thing. For this we need to take the finished pudding and the proportion of dry to cook on the beach. As a filler you can use the ground and some old and expensive bait mixture. Then mix it all into a homogeneous mass and to throw the balls by hand, slingshot, or an open trough type, flat. Because it would be something like bait, the porridge can be cooked in large fractions. It can be millet porridge with pea puree and cereal “Hercules”. Oatmeal makes the bait more viscous.

To the morning you can immediately start fishing, it is necessary to leave a reserve of the finished bait mixture used for day trips. Then will not have to waste time in the morning for its preparation.

As bait a good layout in the form of an original “sandwich” is used maggots with corn, where over the larvae maggots stinger hook closes the grain of corn.

Active working mixture can be prepared in the following way. As a main component is fine “Grindering. Salapin. Carp Lux” with the addition “Grindering. Salapin. Feeder Suite.” It turns out large-fraction light mix. Added to it and maggots in an animal component. Improves the result of catching the use of dips, in particular, can be successful dips: garlic with fish flavors, cinnamon, coriander, corn. You need to have a wide range of such dips. Sometimes the bite improves hemp syrup.

The bream fishing in the spring at the feeder — a very exciting and profitable, if you have the skills of fishing, the necessary tackle and the successful bait.

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