Spring and Popper

The warmer it becomes on the street, the more often you want to go fishing, be more at the water, watch nature bloom. It is a pity that work does not allow every day to be fishing. After waiting for the weekend in the middle of the week I decide to go fishing again by tweaking on the channels. In the spring, very often I go to the canals while the water is open and does not become very overgrown with algae and duckweed, in the summer it is very difficult to find an open area of ​​water.

From past fishing, realizing that the pike would only hold on to areas with crystal clear water, I immediately went to such a place so that I wouldn’t simply lose precious morning time.

Of the lures, I decided to start with a popper. Everyone knows that popper is more of a seasonal bait, and they catch it mainly in the summer, when ponds are overgrown with grass or it rises close to the surface. But since spring has already come, it became interesting to try catching a popper in early spring, maybe something will work out for me.

From the small number of poppers available, I chose the most working Hikari Pop 3D 65, a classic popper that is carried out with standard jerk wiring. Of the special effects, only splashes and a very clear, juicy "gurgle".

He began to catch by throwing both under the reed wall and along the channel in the middle over long distances, in order to catch a large area from one wiring. I was a little surprised that the pike immediately began to show its interest and attacked the bait, and even well detected. Fishermen know that fishing on surface baits is very spectacular fishing, but the percentage of overlap is lame, there are a lot of idle attacks.

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Although the average pike was actively caught, it was necessary to walk as always. It’s good that recently the reeds burned along the coast and ticks became several times less, but still walked and looked around carefully.

She herself liked pike very much, she didn’t have to spend a lot of time popper if she was at the point she reacted and attacked. No extortions and long postings with pauses, caught by a popper, as expected with quite active posting.

I opened the popper season and now I will use it more often for fishing, because fishing with popper is very entertaining and exciting.