Spoon Makeup

Many anglers make their own spinners. There is no need to tell how this is done – the methods and technologies for making lures are described many times in various fishing publications. Let’s dwell on how to give the surface of the spoon a bright metallic sheen or some other type of color that the angler needs in a simple way. Spoons are made, as a rule, from available materials: stainless steel, copper, brass. To give the surface of the spoon a bright metallic luster, such tedious operations as grinding and polishing, applying chemical coatings are provided. All this is not available to everyone.

In addition, over time, spoons made of copper and brass fade, which requires additional time and effort to restore their original appearance. In addition, the limited choice of materials greatly narrows the color range of the bait. One way to solve this problem is to use colored stickers. You can see a variety of stickers on purchased baubles: one-color, multi-color, patterned, fluorescent, with the so-called “holographic effect”, etc. When making your own spinners, you can also go this way. Then there is no need to engage in polishing and grinding, and at the same time there is scope for experiments with the appearance of the bait.

The question arises: where to get the material for the stickers? Sometimes they are sold in fishing shops, but there is also an alternative. Self-adhesive film is sold in hardware or hardware stores, usually in wallpaper departments. It comes in a wide range of colors. Films with a metallic sheen are interesting as a material for stickers. They have a variety of colors – silvery and golden, reds, oranges, greens, blues, purples and other shades of varying degrees of saturation. Some films have a holographic effect. Vivid colors with a non-metallic sheen ranging from black to white are also possible.

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Such a film has a protective paper layer, so it is very convenient to cut a sticker of the required size from it, using a spoon as a template, then remove the protective layer and stick the sticker on the spoon. Half a meter or a meter of such a film is inexpensive, and a lot of stickers will come out of such a piece. A less convenient option is to use colored tape. It can be purchased at an office supply store. But it comes in a much poorer color scheme, does not have a paper layer, and it is not always wide enough. Self-adhesive films with a paper backing are much more convenient.

The strength and water resistance of the adhesive base applied to the self-adhesive film and adhesive tape is quite enough for the stickers made from them to stay strong enough and for a long time on the surface of the spoon. When working on the appearance of the spoon, you can combine the colors of the stickers, making them composite, or stick various parts of the film of a different color over the main sticker. On spoons with a significant curvature of the surface, it is advisable to make the sticker from several parts in order to reduce the number of bends and, accordingly, the likelihood of peeling off.

If the shine of the sticker seems too bright, then you can heat the spinner petal with the film glued on it by holding the back side over the flame of the lighter. Then the shine of the sticker will become less intense. By increasing the heating time, an almost matte finish can be achieved. After such heating, the film adheres more tightly to the surface of the spoon and holds better, but this must be done carefully, otherwise the sticker can be damaged.

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