Spontaneously fishing

I was not going to go anywhere, I rested calmly at home, and before the night shift I did not want to initially. But then, after sitting, he decided to ride a pond at least to catch a little. Better outdoors than messing around at home. Therefore, a minimum set of wobblers in a backpack, reel, spinning and forward to the channels.

Everything is fine on the spot, a little water has been added relative to the average level, so you can try to catch on wobblers with a deepening. He assembled a working spinning rod Aiko Rockies 206L, a reel, a titanium lead Titanium Mono and began with a small octopus wobbler Bakudan 72F, a shade of natural color. Not long I stood as the first and only bite occurred on this place, a small pike hit a U-turn and tried to take it right away to the grass.

It’s a good start, I’ll move on, but not every place has an active predator that attacks from the approach, but usually it’s not necessary to torture a small pike for a long time and if it is, it gives itself out quickly. Changing the bait to another wobbler Budo 102F with a slightly wavy body, apparently this was done so that the bait played well on uniform wiring. But on a twitching jerk, this wobbler is completely absent, I don’t know, maybe something will change with a tougher rod, but I did not manage to animate it jerky at all. And on uniform wiring it plays in principle, like all other wobblers, and the pike just attacked on slow wiring. Just so that the wobbler did not bury itself in the grass, it was necessary to raise the rod up strongly.

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I’m not a fan of monotonous wiring, I like to animate the bait myself, so I changed it to another lure and in a bright color. Along the wall of algae, under my shore, hid a striped one which is very nice to catch on wobblers, although he is a small but good fighter.

I walked further along the channel, there were a couple of exits and you can see how butting and leaving, it was not possible to replenish. But today I managed to catch one last for a shad, a small but nice thing to eat. He let the whole fish go back to grow with the order that no one else comes across.